Monday, December 31, 2007

My Amazon Dot Com Wishlist

If you can't think of how to spend your money.. what if you accomplish some of my wishlist in Amazon?

Click here
Changing domain

For some reason I changed my old domain to . Other opportunistic fella already grabbed my old domain and selling out his printer. I guess next time I would not do the same after considering the Page Rank that I already built for YEARS! For God's sake!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ruak-ruak (Amaurornis phoenicurus)

I saw a "ruak-ruak" bird outside my room in kampung.. with my point and shoot (well, anyone willing to donate me any DSLR cam?) I managed to snap two pixes. And once I open up the windows pane to get a better pix, the bird dissapear! :(

Monday, December 10, 2007

ACM-ICPC Al-Khawarizmi National Programming Contest in IIUM Gombak

top three results can be viewed here

Monday, December 03, 2007

New Semester Begins

Well, perhaps this semester I got the appropriate workload-12 credit hours, consist of 4 sections for teaching, and nice-one subject. Last semester I did taught 70 students, but when it came to marking it went to 156 students since I've to replace another instructor whom delivered her babies(it was twins!). And that's not included the 8 student for Industrial Attachment supervisions.

For this semester, I already decided to hold the midterm in the CAC to accommodate all 140 students. Previously I did the Mid Term in the class, since last semester I taught 2 sections, different subjects.

Best of Luck

Monday, November 12, 2007

MPH revisited

I wish I can have MPH pay me for getting them promoted within my blog. Somehow I believe they should. BN, Amazon, should do the same way as well. In a sense it makes me blogging about new books, getting people updated with the books and of course, getting them commented in my blog. He he. I guess though the online book mechanism do append comments from reader( or somehow there was also a case which accused a reader whom turned out the be the author/influenced by him), my blog should serve non-bias purpose. :-]

//Well,honestly it was just an excuse to get myself a FREE BOOK for lifetime.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Studying in Japan

Just want to share what I read since I surf around comparing the style of postgraduate studies across different developed nations. I dropped to this ACM page

And somehow looking at the writings it seems that the concentration of study in Japan is the best on hardware computing but seems not for the "soft computing"
It is interesting to see that none of these milestones is attributable to a Japanese computer scientist. I quizzed a number of academics about this, and found there is really no curriculum content particular to CS courses in Japan. Although the Japanese are world leaders in electronics, they have a tendency to follow rather than lead when it comes to software technology.
But instead of being called as "follower", how's Japan performed compared to UK? Or the other European countries?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Siri Bercakap dengan fork()

**salinan boleh dimuat turun di sini [PDF]

Bahasa aturcara seperti C/C++ menyokong penciptaan satu proses baru iaitu fork(). Set
arahan fork() akan mencipta satu proses baru iaitu child dan proses asal tadi disebut
parent dengan syarat tertentu. Secara umumnya, syarat yang ditentukan ialah;
Fork ID Kondisi
<0 Fork gagal
0 Ini ialah child
>0 Ini ialah parent

Saya sertakan satu program lengkap (rujuk apendiks) yang anda boleh salin dan cuba
sendiri untuk memahami aliran fork() ini.
Untuk membolehkan kita “menyaring” PID, PPID dan pepohon proses (process tree)
program kita ini, kita boleh meletakkan arahan sleep(nilai saat) dan juga menggunakan
pstree untuk melihat aliran proses parent dan child tadi.
Andaikan nama program tersebut “myfork.cpp” dan selepas kompilasi menjadi “myfork”
g++ myfork.cpp -o myfork

Rajah 1 : Menggunakan pengkompil GNU C++ untuk mengompil aturcara C++

Sekarang kita larikan aturcara “myfork” ini:
Ini ialah child
mendapat instruksi dari 0
dengan PID 25145 dan PPID
Ini ialah parent
mendapat instruksi dari 25145
dengan PID 25144 dan PPID

Rajah 2: Melarikan program “myfork”. Di sini kita lihat dua proses iaitu “parent” dan “child”

Jika kita rujuk pada penerangan sebelum ini dan kondisi pernyataan (statement
condition) di dalam kod yang disertakan pada apendiks, dapatlah kita fahami apabila nilai
instruksi dari fork()=0, child akan dihasilkan dan melarikan arahan, dan jika bukan 0 dan
bernilai positif, set arahan parent akan dihasilkan.

$pstree -p|grep myfork
| |-bash(25049)---myfork(25144)---myfork(25145)
Rajah 3: Menggunakan arahan pstree dengan flag -p bagi melihat PID, untuk melihat aliran poreproses
PPID dan PID proses parent (25144) dan proses child (25145)

Jika merujuk pada Rajah 2, nilai PPID, pre-proses ID child ialah 25144 iaitu sama
dengan PID pada proses parent, iaitu sama juga 25144. Manakala PPID bagi proses
parent pula ialah 25049 iaitu PID bagi “bash”, shell yang digunakan untuk melarikan
program “myfork” ini.

Output dari cygwin (kurang menarik):
lebahnet@syncronix ~/fork/ms
$ ./myfork.exe
Ini ialah parent
Ini ialah child
mendapat instruksi dari 3252
mendapat instruksi dari 0
dengan PID 3216 dan PPID
dengan PID 3252 dan PPID

*untuk kod rujukan sila rujuk juga pada pautan di laman ini (juga tulisan saya),kerana ada masalah format HTML [SINI]

*gambar tux dengan garpu daripada laman

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Everybody Loves "Ravmon.exe"

root@syncronix:/media/disk# clamscan
/media/disk/taiping.cpp: OK
/media/disk/RavMonE.exe: Worm.RJump-2 FOUND
/media/disk/ch9-doubleAreaSelfInput.cpp: OK
/media/disk/ch9-height_address.cpp: OK
/media/disk/sectionCquiz1.cpp: OK
/media/disk/string.pdf: OK
/media/disk/bm-and-kmp-cpu.png: OK
/media/disk/ch9-doubleArea.cpp: OK
/media/disk/bm-kmp.gnu: OK
/media/disk/ch9-doubleArea.exe: OK
/media/disk/ch9-doubleAreaSelfInput.exe: OK
/media/disk/msvcr71.dll: OK
/media/disk/classes-lab-exercises.doc: OK
/media/disk/RavMonLog: OK
/media/disk/lab-exec-b4-finale.doc: OK
/media/disk/matrix2.c: OK
/media/disk/matrix2.cpp: OK
/media/disk/matrix-lab-exec.cpp: OK
/media/disk/lab xcersise(1c).cpp: OK

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Known viruses: 160515
Engine version: 0.91.2
Scanned directories: 1
Scanned files: 19
Infected files: 1
Data scanned: 4.66 MB
Time: 7.369 sec (0 m 7 s)

root@syncronix:/media/disk# clamscan --remove
/media/disk/taiping.cpp: OK
/media/disk/RavMonE.exe: Worm.RJump-2 FOUND
/media/disk/RavMonE.exe: Removed
/media/disk/ch9-doubleAreaSelfInput.cpp: OK
/media/disk/ch9-height_address.cpp: OK
/media/disk/sectionCquiz1.cpp: OK
/media/disk/string.pdf: OK
/media/disk/bm-and-kmp-cpu.png: OK
/media/disk/ch9-doubleArea.cpp: OK
/media/disk/bm-kmp.gnu: OK
/media/disk/ch9-doubleArea.exe: OK
/media/disk/ch9-doubleAreaSelfInput.exe: OK
/media/disk/msvcr71.dll: OK
/media/disk/classes-lab-exercises.doc: OK
/media/disk/RavMonLog: OK
/media/disk/lab-exec-b4-finale.doc: OK
/media/disk/matrix2.c: OK
/media/disk/matrix2.cpp: OK
/media/disk/matrix-lab-exec.cpp: OK
/media/disk/lab xcersise(1c).cpp: OK

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Known viruses: 160515
Engine version: 0.91.2
Scanned directories: 1
Scanned files: 19
Infected files: 1
Data scanned: 4.66 MB
Time: 6.320 sec (0 m 6 s)

DiE! die! die!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Udang was not a choice.

So I believe I am not the seafood type of person. Since I tried to eat those prawns and I only managed to eat two (or more?). I guess I only have much appetite on kepah, kupang and kerang alike.

Of course the most obvious all those meats and sliced chickens were in the first place. It just doesn't matter how long the time elapsed but it seems the human's stomach contains the extra dimension which allows you to eat a lot for such a long time.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tuxpaint, Massachusetts and ms_MY

I was pointed to Google Code search by papit who did several developments hosted on Google Code's website. It turns out I also found my name within the search results. One of the project hosted by MIT. I wonder how it feel if I myself graduated from MIT. LoL. (evil laugh).
The tuxpaint translation file that I mentioned is being hosted here.
I believe when the time come, I'll also contribute in the software development as well.

Monday, September 24, 2007

IIUM '03 Iftar Jama'ie

*a little boy who just got his diaper wet after few moments transformed into new shirt

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Getting a free textbook from publisher for teaching

Tried the macro/super macro feature. I hope I can have a better camera for better resolution soon.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tech Ed: Faculty Summit 2007

So I did missed few slots, one of the reason is just that I was misunderstood along with some other lecturer regarding the entrance to one of the workshop. We thought that we can't enter the room given we were late(well,pasca lunch and Zuhr prayer... of course some of you need to go to toilet for some real reason). The next day I found out the slot didn't really fully occupied since the attendees do their own exhibit walk at the exhibition hall. Well, as expected, managed to get few free goodies. And since I did came sponsored, free lunch was served.

Only two slots that I found interesting: Controlling robot using mobile device and Windows Academic Program. It just that I managed to know some updates by Microsoft to let their part closer to the academia world. Of course with some license restrictions it was kinda let the researcher felt "disrupted". But since I'm putting myself on learning the technologies, I just let myself not neutral. (hmm).

One of the speaker who came from Redmond told the audience he took 27 hours with 3 flights to come to KL. Well, last time I heard flight direct from LAX(Los Angeles) to KL(or vice versa) took 20 hours.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Minor change

I decided to change the theme from "bertatih mencari makna" to "life of a single computer science dude wannabe" because it seems kinda motivation to me. Secondly it just that I want to do "rebranding" since Bank Islam did it and I don't like the new BIMB image for whatever justification that they tell the whole media. I, the loyal BIMB credit card and al-Wadiah savings account usage felt kinda distracted with the BIMB new image.

Perhaps I just want to see the progress of the juniors of my school where I served for:

ACM-ICPC Regional at Beijing: not a winner

MMU Programming competition: 1st place
UTP programming competition:not a winner

MMU Programming competition:not a winner
UNITEN programming competition: 1st place
UiTM programming competition: not a winner

I guess being consistent is pretty hard. What's next?

Any C++ instructor willing to take challenge for freelance trainer, and yet to ensure these guys gonna win the eternal Hall of Fame?


Friday, September 07, 2007

Microsoft Tech Ed 2007

I was instructed to attend the Microsoft Tech Ed 07 for the Faculty Summit '07 . The tentative that was given to me shows that the talks that gonna happen not only focus on Microsoft's technology but the bird's eye view of the computing as well.

I'll be attending the 10th and 11th Faculty Summit 07 session. More info with regard to Tech Ed can be found here

Faculty summit's tentative:

2:00pm - 2:45pm Academic Resources Jennifer Perret
3:00pm - 4:15pm Building Robots with Mobile Devices Loke Uei Tan
4:30pm - 5:45pm How to Balance Teaching Academic
Concepts and Using High Level
Controls Oh Chin Lock
6:00pm - 7:15pm Using .NET in The Curriculum John Gough
8:30am-9:45am From Database to Complete Data
Prakash Sundaresan

10:00am - 11:30am Providing Resources for OS Teaching
and Research
Arkady Retik

11:30am - 12:45pm Phoenix Compiler John Gough

2:15pm - 3:00pm Game On! - XNA Game Studio
Dirk Primbs

3:15pm - 4:30pm Agile Software Development and
Peter Green

4:45pm - 6:00pm Forum on Global Academic Trend Panelist:
- Dirk Primbs
- Ng Wan Peng
- Dave Probert
- Arkady Retik
- Jennifer Perret
- Prakash Sundaresan
- *Dr Abu Hasan bin Ismail
sesape pergi tu just hello je sapa tampal sticker ittutor kat dahi.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

Yeay, My Own Digital Camera!

At last I got my own digital camera. Pentax M30. After quite a long time waiting now I can take pictures on my will(of course with laws adherence :p )

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Say "No" to OOXML

Terjemahan dari sini

Saya memohon ahli-ahli ISO untuk mengundi “TIDAK” di dalam undian ISO DIS 29500 (Office OpenXML atau OOXML format) atas sebab-sebab berikut:

  1. Sudah ada standard ISO26300 iaitu Open Document Format (ODF): kewujudan dua standard menambah kos, ketidakpastian dan kekeliruan di kalangan industri, kerajaan dan rakyat;
  2. Belum ada sebarang pelaksanaan terbukti bagi spesifikasi OOXML: Microsoft Office 2007 menghasilkan versi OOXML tersendiri, bukannya sebuah format fail yang menepati spesifikasi OOXML;
  3. Tiada maklumat di dalam dokumen spesifikasi; contohnya bagaimana hendak melakukan autoSpaceLikeWord95 atau useWord97LineBreakRules;
  4. Lebih daripada 10% contoh-contoh yang dinyatakan di dalam standard yang dicadangkan tidak sah sebagai XML;
  5. Tiada jaminan yang sesiapapun dapat membangunkan perisian yang melaksanakan spesifikasi OOXML, sama ada sepenuhnya atau sebahgian daripadanya, tidak akan dikenakan ganti rugi paten atau yuran untuk lesen paten daripada Microsoft;
  6. Cadangan standard ini bercanggah dengan standard ISO yang lain, seperti ISO 8601 (Representation of dates and times), ISO 639 (Codes for the Representation of Names and Languages) atau ISO/IEC 10118-3 (cryptographic hash);
  7. Terdapat pepijat (bug)di dalam format fail hamparan (spreadsheet) yang tidak membenarkan penggunaan tarikh sebelum tahun 1900: pepijat tersebut menjejaskan spesifikasi OOXML serta versi perisian lain seperti Microsoft Excel 2000, XP, 2003 atau 2007.
  8. Cadangan standard ini tidak dibuat dengan mengembeling pengalaman dan kepakaran pihak-pihak lain yang berminat (seperti penerbit, penjual, pembeli, pengguna dan pihak berkuasa), sebaliknya hanya melibatkan Microsoft sahaja.

*thanks Aizat & Irwan for the translations and links

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Be a Journalist without reasons

Well, I guess I did blogging for quite sometime. The topics ranged from various categorizations; technical, religious, personal rumbles, animes and things that I want to write on. For writings such as this, I managed to get more comments. It means somehow non technical writings will lure more people to join in and share their thoughts on my writings.

I was once have an ambition (and really ambitious) to be a noble and respected writers. However it might be because I got my Bahasa Malaysia with A2 in SPM, I managed to realized that my writings were not good enough.

Few things I guess to be emphasized on good writings. I bet these will be also effective on writing thesis or academic writings:

-write something that can be understood by non-technical readers
-do more illustration or diagrams. Diagrams are also art of creating summary.

Well, I'm a bit tired after driving for almost 2 and half hour from my hometown to here in Kota Damansara. Have a pleasant read. Till we meet again ! :p

Saturday, June 23, 2007



Aku lately mengalami masalah kesempitan wang yang serius disebabkan kereta satria aku yang berusia 10 tahun ada major repair.. dalam bulan ni je untuk kereta aku abis RM600 untuk maintenance. Ganti spectacle lagi. Accumulated maintaince expense untuk keta yang aku beli sejak Disember 2005 ni dekat RM3000 jugak. Ganti absorber,ganti tayar (haritu kan pancit-tayar last yang aku tak penah ganti pancit balik dari Kangar. Tayar tu tahun 2001. Owner lama tak tukar. Nasib la). Gaji macam aku ni dok seorang pun dah boleh jadi defisit, nak bayar PTPTN(auto deduct), loan laptop aku 2 tahun, then medical card(aku memikirkan sebab arwah abang aku dulu pernah kena kanser umur 29 tahun.. dan kebetulan dia ambik insurans tu tak jauh tarikh dari dia kena sakit tu, kampeni insurans tak nak bayar sebab assume dia dah tau sakit baru ambik polisi. Nak buat macam mana. So sewaktu sihat la fikir nak ambil polisi gini). Memang ada medical benefit, tapi kita tak tau future jadi apa, dan setakat mana medical benefit tu boleh bantu kita, atau waris. Aku pun bukan nak dok sorang je selama-lamanya.

Dulu pernah mengajar under CITA, dapat le duit lebih.. tapi tang tu je le, lepas tu takde peluang pun. Nak tulis buku, tak pasti la macam mana aku nak start. Kalau tulis untuk FOSS, sekarang ni dah ramai dah orang boleh google, baca tutorial free.

Nak tulis program untuk tujuan komersial.. aku bukan regular programmer. Setakat ni aku nampak skill aku menulis.

Ada gak plan nak buat part time. Dulu ada la si Trunasuci ajak aku untuk satu projek Nagios ni.. aku dah buat sample configuration.. skang senyap je projek tu tak tau la apa cita. Dapat dalam 4-5 ratus jadi gakla ... lepas installment keta 2-3 bulan.

Keta ni paling banyak abiskan duit,tapi terpaksa guna sebab nak ke sana sini. And I guess lepas ni banyakkan naik motosikal saja.. dan guna compartment belakang untuk letak barang-barang senang rosak kalau jadi hujan.

Ya Allah permudahkan lah rezeki aku.

Sebut pasal cari duit lebih ni, aku tengok ada kecenderungan beberapa kenalan yang masuk e-investment etc. Bagi aku diorang ni tidak begitu teliti dan ambil mudah isu-isu muamalat dalam Islam. Dan oleh sebab mereka cuba tarik aku, aku argue polisi/skim ni dari beberapa aspek, satu sebab nak masuk bukannya free. Dua, disebabkan pulangannya terlampau menggiurkan dan menarik hati. Bak kata orang, if it's too good to be true, then it's too good to be true.

Keduanya dari segi keberkatan. Katalah kayapun, rezeki tu bukan datang dalam bentuk duit SAHAJA. Tapi kesihatan pun rezeki juga, orang ajak makan free pun rezeki juga. Kereta sihat walafiat pun rezeki juga. Pendek kata, kalau gaji kecil, tapi ada barakah, hati pun senang dan tak keluh kesah. Kalau yang berkeluarga, anak-anak yang soleh dan mendengar kata pun satu rezki yang tak ternilai. Apatah lagi jika sihat dan kurang membuat masalah/onar.

Duit yang haram, atau syubhat akan menyebabkan perkara-perkara luar duga. Setakat ni aku dah cuba nak jaga sumber-sumber rezeki ni.. sebaik mungkin. Software/perisian pun sekadar mampu cuba guna yang FOSS, sebab kurang unsur syubhat. Kalau takde, ha, code la sendiri :p


Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Packing up stuffs. Get ready to move. Asking towkeys for box. Got few with no costs, but since I'm refused to ask the same towkey then I go for another shop. He charged me RM0.30 each box taken. I took 4. Well, I'm quite generous in some sense.

Sent another copy of my writings for hard-cover binding. The amoi charged me RM28. Well, my writings actually did not fit well with hard cover so she can't put my name at the cover's side. So let it be in the front. Golden color mini thesis cover with my name written in uppercase-golden color.
It'll take 3 days to accomplish so I have to stay here doing something.. i.e prepare for my job.

Next, photocopied my letter so that I can ask for the copy to be certified. It went well, except they can't certified the print out copy of any result. Not yet I guess. So, this is out of my prediction.

Oh, I've to wait for 2nd hand shop to buy my 1 month newspaper collections. I guess I'll gain around RM3-4. Enough to let my car for automated wash.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Space Explosion: How it really relates to regular expression

In my mini thesis, I concentrating on pattern matching algorithm which relates to packet payload processing. During my literature reviews, I came across to regular expression "space explosion". The phrase rather seems remind me to inter galactic war in Star Trek, Starwars, Battlestar Galactica or things like that.

Dealing with regular expression led me to read more: time & space consideration. Somehow it led me to think about Quantum Physic (which unfortunately I never learn pure sciences subject during my secondary school, so I'll avoid to elaborate things I didn't know).

I did google to the Internet and try to use "space explosion" and pair with regular expression phrase.

Quoting this paper:
Pattern matching using regular expressions is distinct from static pattern
matching, where the input string is matched against other literal strings. In regular expressions, meta-characters with special meaning are used, and a single regular expression can represent several strings. Regular expressions augment the challenges of static pattern matching (e.g., overlapped matching) with other ones, such as space explosion (regular expressions can represent very large strings in a very compact form)
So I guess "space explosion" means character such as asterisk(*) or decimal/period(.) which led to many pattern being greedily grabbed and fetch either to standard output or input.

Am I correct here?

*pix taken from here

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I have to do something that should make myself enjoy because for some reasons I felt unmotivated. Eat, sleep, surfing etc which are daily routines somehow really make me bored. Maybe I should go fishing.

Oh yeah. Called Makri and asked whether there is room available to rent somewhere that he knew. Will going back to KL soon and start working as before.

Friday, June 08, 2007


It's always hard to be persistent, don't we?
Making people pleased

"Everybody lies"

Do you? Do we?
Try to hide the truth facts so that people pleased. And they feel comforted. Yet you suffering yourself try to accept what other people did to you.

It's normal.
Of course it was. It is. And it will. But the obvious effect of making people pleased is that you sacrificed something that you appreciate most. Or at least, you feel sad to sacrifice it. But do they know? Do they care? Do they appreciate? Do they even realize you actually making hard decision to please them, or he? or she?

Obvious reason. The art of playing chess is to sacrifice your pawn. For current being to achieve your ultimate goal you have to suffer now, cry now, sacrifice now. Regret now.
But does that guarantee you the joyful & cheer days later? Or you regret later. Worse, everlasting loser that God ever created.

This writings however, does not have any purpose. It was a writing. But, since it was written in English, so everyone reached these ASCII texts and their brains interpret these Roman characters and making conclusion.

I have a dream to write English literature. But then since I didn't score my IELTS tests with straight 9.0 (this means I don't want to give any hint how much did I scored), I can't be proud of my writings. It might be catastrophic. Or, it might be only understood by me. I can tell my writings full of grammatical typos. Or it was the best way to describe grammar-blind.

Why do WE exist?
To be a toy for someone else so that they can manipulate us?
To be a tool so that we can please people so that we can maintain our existence?