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Creating Jabref launcher for Fedora Core 15

I am not sure why, Fedora Core does not include Jabref in their distro, unlike Ubuntu.

Since this is application is VERY CRUCIAL in my work, so I ease up my days by writing my own desktop shortcut file. So I have option whether to run through terminals or simply desktop.

Here goes. I am not aware if anybody else actually created this, since I cannot file any.

With you favorite editor, write an empty file, let say jabref.desktop .. locate it in your favorite place.

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=java -jar /home/najmi/JabRef-2.7.jar

Change the values accordingly. Prior to that, don't forget to get the JAR file for JabRef!

Now, as you can see we have a value, Icon=Jabref. This actually points to


 Now, we just have to locate them in the following places


I have created the icons, just simply download them here

jabref.png is a 48x48 icon

jabref.png3 is a 16x16 icon

To copy them, you may need a superuser access.

That's all. You should get your own desktop shortcut for JabRef now!

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MOSC 2011

Malaysian Open Source Conference for this year (2011) will be held in Penang! Check the information in the official page here.

Unfortunately for me, I will not be able to come, neither as a speaker nor as a participant, since my wife is expected to deliver our first baby in July, so I have to be around her :)


every time the postman unable to deliver by hand, I've to drive several km to pick the parcel.. heh

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Gecko 101

Ada sorang brader tu kata his gecko the only one in .MY . I think i met more of their variances UFO shoplots

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had crabboo own style - self service.ikan hijack nasik dagang punye

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