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Library calls


Was not writing for few days. First, I'm feeling that I've to spend my time doing something more productive. Second, I believe not much thing to write . Third, I believe, every single stuff that we work on should be meaningful to, well, at least me.

So does it mean that writing this blog is counter productive?

Well, in a sense-yes. Writing blogs is not a priority-since you're not paid to write blog. But then, a blog is a phenomena. Blog is way of conveying message. I've went through few blogs writings about Rufaqa,as e.g Pro & Cons. Also, bloggers writing about their projects -geeky stuffs which they're working on. And I just saw a website plan to set up their own "corporate blog".

Just to update my stuff. Just met my SV yesterday, and I sent my proposal on Honeypot. I've to figure out the specific topic/research that worth for 1 and half semester research. Tomorrow I'll make my day go back to hometown(yeay!).

Safe drive. and s…