Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ardunio 101

I was asked by a friend to assisting her teaching her students on Arduino. It kind of the other side of Raspberry Pi, whereby Arduino is a single tasking board.

If you're interested to learn Arduino, you can check out Arduino courses here

In the following pictures are Arduino UNO pack. In this case it comes with the complete electronics and booklet.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

My Android file sharing site

I applied this account long time ago, and many of my ROM and kernel builds were uploaded here.
For a developer like me, this site is simple and allow the developer to receive donation from the users.

However I feel demotivated since nobody.. yes NOBODY donates a single cent.. say for the kernel build. For the ROM. I don't really bother since I didn't code them from scratch.. just compile it.

But for kernel, most of them were tested rigorously to ensure it's stable before being uploaded.

Anyway.. just refer my works here

C++ codes for counting saving according to the number of days

Say you need to save RM according to the number of day in a year.

Day 1 in Jan =RM1
Day 2 in Jan =RM2

Day 365 in Dec = RM365

which is quite impossible at the end of the year.. because it's freaking a lot.

Anyway a friend want to count that hence I wrote my simple C++ program;

using namespace std;
int main()
int sum;
for (int i=1;i<=365;i++)
cout<<"Sum is "<return 0;

That's all.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

MH370, pulanglah!

Pelbagai usaha telah dilakukan oleh pihak berkuasa Malaysia, dengan kerjasama pelbagai negara serantau, ditambah dengan bantuan USA dan China tentunya, di mana rakyat China yang paling ramai berada di dalam pesawat tersebut.

PM Najib sebentar tadi di dalam sidang media telah mengesahkan, yang pesawat tersebut diarahkan ke destinasi lain dengan sengaja.

Kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia, tentunya sangat berharap tragedi ini berakhir dengan kesudahan yang menggembirakan. Dengan pengesahan DS Najib ini diharapkan kisah ini berakhir dengan segera.

Di samping itu, NASA dengan kepakaran yang mereka ada telah menyatakan kesudian untuk membantu menganalisa imej-imej satelit yang diperolehi. 

sumber imej, sini

Berdoalah kepada Allah, moga usaha untuk mencari pesawat ini dipermudahkan dan disegerakan hasilnya, insya Allah.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Guna Atlas.ti untuk memudahkan proses Literature Review (LR)

Masa zaman saya buat Literature Review bagi pengajiah PhD saya.. proses agak sukar sebab kena buat secara manual proses sisihan dan aturan paper-paper tu.

Sekarang dah ada Atlas.Ti .. lebih mudah.

Untuk tahu berkaitan software ni dan memudahkan proses LR supaya takde literature yang tertinggal.. boleh dapatkan buku ni.

Rujuk sini

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Git : Pulling from original repo with forked branch

This is actually my personal bookmark. If you're happened to be here for the same reason.. here's is the link

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Building Android Cross Compiler with Crosstool-ng

In order for you to rebuilt a kernel (or even a ROM) for Android from your laptop, you need a cross compiler to do that.

For Android ecosystem there are several popular cross compilers that being used:

  1. Android NDK
  2. Android Toolchain (which I believe a subset of the NDK)
  3. Linaro customized cross compiler 
  4. Self-made cross compiled built by using crosstool-ng
  5. You do it yourself (but I never succeed this one)
I currently use crosstool-ng cross compiler "cooking tool" as it has several features;

You can save a stage for the built process. For example, I just got my laptop shutdown automatically (perhaps due to CPU overheating.. never shut it down for approx due days).. and since I chose the option for saving the compile state, the process just can be restarted at the previous stage:

Just use the build.log and parse the related info

najmi@vostro:~/toolchain/build-cng$ cat build.log |grep "Saving state"
[EXTRA]  Saving state to restart at step 'libc_check_config'...
[EXTRA]  Saving state to restart at step 'companion_libs_for_build'...
[EXTRA]  Saving state to restart at step 'binutils_for_build'...
[EXTRA]  Saving state to restart at step 'companion_libs_for_host'...
[EXTRA]  Saving state to restart at step 'binutils_for_host'...
[EXTRA]  Saving state to restart at step 'cc_core_pass_1'...
[EXTRA]  Saving state to restart at step 'kernel_headers'...
[EXTRA]  Saving state to restart at step 'libc_start_files'...
[EXTRA]  Saving state to restart at step 'cc_core_pass_2'...
[EXTRA]  Saving state to restart at step 'libc'...
[EXTRA]  Saving state to restart at step 'cc_for_build'...
[EXTRA]  Saving state to restart at step 'cc_for_host'...
najmi@vostro:~/toolchain/build-cng$ ct-ng cc_for_host+

The problem with abruptly terminated compilation process could also due to error in the compilation process. That way you just have to start where you suspect the compilation error occurs;

Simply with you can continue from the last saved state onwards;

najmi@vostro:~/toolchain/build-cng$ unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH
najmi@vostro:~/toolchain/build-cng$ ct-ng cc_for_host+
[INFO ]  Performing some trivial sanity checks
[INFO ]  Build started 20131130.102737
[INFO ]  Building environment variables
[EXTRA]  Preparing working directories
[EXTRA]  Restoring state at step 'cc_for_host', as requested.
[INFO ]  =================================================================
[INFO ]  Installing final compiler
[EXTRA]    Configuring gcc
[EXTRA]    Building gcc
[07:57] / 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

IOSR Journal - hosting PLAGIARIZED article

Just found out recently one of my papers was copied entirely with the exception of the authors and the title (which was changed to something else) My original paper is

"Challenges in high accuracy of malware detection"

which was published years ago:

the authors used this as their title:

"Automatic Extraction or Detection for Malware Attacks as String Signature"

and these authors are:
P.Nikhila1, H. Venkateswara Reddy M.Tech (S.E), VCE, Hyderabad, India, Associate Professor in CSE, VCE, Hyderabad, India,

Just found out recently one of my papers was copied entirely with the
exception of the authors and the title (which was changed to something


One accepted journal indexed in your page

blatantly copying my writings as published last year (2012) here

a simple lookup at the abstract already tells all.

I hope you can take immediate and stern action towards the authors
including paper retraction and blacklisting. This plagiarism already
tarnished your journal's reputation and if you are unable to do so I will
publish the plagiarism in my personal blog.



this was their reply:

Dear Sir,
We are sorry for your inconvenience. This paper will remove
within 8 hrs.

Our Editor Board will sure take necessary action against author.

*With Warm Regards*
*Editorial Board*
*XXX Journals*

p/s: the paper was never removed even after 8 hours as promised.
also, i'm not 100% honest about the journal's reputation since I don't think
they ever did an editorial work :-\


UPDATE on 13 NOV 2013 : The journal has retracted the paper. I however decided to retain the author's name here as if you ever come across their papers again, please check whether they already copied someone else' papers.