Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Saturday, May 09, 2015

How to attach persistent disk on running instance at Google Compute

So I have this USD300 credit for two months period to play around with Google compute.

I had created an instance, but with very small storage, 10GB. Then I decide nothing much can be done with that, so I created a persistent disk.

Google compute's documentation is incomplete and terrible, so we need to do try and error. So this is the confirmed workable solution that I tested:

Let say we created a project name "blah-1234"
and a persistent disk name "disk-for-blah"
to be attached to a VM instance named "vm-blah"

Please replace the --zone

~$ gcloud compute instances attach-disk --project "blah-1234" vm-blah  --disk disk-for-blah --zone asia-east1-c

If everything is fine (it'll take few seconds for the disk to be attached. You'll be prompted with the following output) :

Updated [https://www.googleapis.com/compute/v1/projects/blah-1234/zones/asia-east1-c/instances/vm-blah].

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

History command with timestamp

I shortened up notes from here

Use this


and put in your $HOME/.bashrc if you want to

To get this

 1977  2015-05-06 17:41:10 vi delta3-date.py 
 1978  2015-05-06 17:41:10 ./delta3-date.py 
 1979  2015-05-06 17:41:10 vi delta3-date.py 
 1980  2015-05-06 17:41:10 ./delta3-date.py 
 1981  2015-05-06 17:41:10 vi delta3-date.py 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Converting ssh-keygen created key into PEM format (using OpenSSL)

Say I have created RSA key and it's located in my $HOME:

Create private key:

najmi@quds:~/.ssh$ openssl rsa -in id_rsa -outform pem > rsa_priv.pem

Create public key based on the private key above:

najmi@quds:~/.ssh$ openssl rsa -in rsa_priv.pem -pubout -out rsa_pub.pem 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

IRC client for Linux

I recently have a need to use the IRC to communicate with my counterparts. I have be looking to either GUI based or CLI based.. and each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses.

The following were the IRC clients which I managed to test out:

CLI based:

  • Weechat
  • f-IRC (seems does not support SSL)

GUI based:

  • Quassel
  • Smuxi
  • Pidgin-IRC
  • Konversation (KDE based)
  • X-chat

I later learnt a way on how to have a daemon listen log to your IRC channel without you switching own your IRC client, hence I tried ZNC.

I managed to get ZNC worked on my machine (hence the connection will be localhost:). 
However I did not able to connect to remote ZNC for unknown reason. The reason for me to use ZNC is that I want to get my machine into suspend mode while I don't want to miss any important conversation in the channel, so I believe remote ZNC (say, on my private VPS) should work.

Opinions are welcomed.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cara Renew Passport Pembantu Rumah di Kedutaan Indonesia 2015

Tulisan ni sah sehingga 17 Febuari 2015 semalam.

Ceritanya aku bermula dari seminggu sebelum 17 Feb 2015 tu lagi.. passport bibik aku expired pada Oktober 2015, jadi cadang nak buat sementara aku tengah cuti belajar ni.. ingat settle sehari macam ditulis pada kebanyakan blog, tapi disebabkan kedutaan NKRI ni tengah berubah kepada sistem biometrik (dia ambil cap 10 jari, semua tangan kanan dan kiri!).. Ginilah ceritanya:

Minggu satu
Hari Selasa : Datang pukul 7. Pukul 9 bukak gate. Pengawal kata.. nombor ambik Isnin atau Khamis sahaja

Hari Khamis: Datang pukul 7 pagi. Pukul 9 pagi bukak gate.. dalam pukul 10 pagi dapat nombor..
serah 3 borang kontrak dan dokumen
datang esok untuk buat passport

Hari Jumaat: Datang pukul 9 PAGI.. sebab nombor dah ada.. pukul 1230tghari staf embassy kata "DATANG BALIK LEPAS JUMAAT". so balik rumah solat jumaat.. pukul 3ptg datang balik. ambik gambar PUKUL LAPAN MALAM HAHAHAHA
Datang lagi ye.. Hari Selasa depan.. PUKUL DUA PETANG

Minggu dua
Hari Selasa: Datang pukul dua.. pot pet.. serah resit bayaran passport.. ingat boleh ambik terus... PUKUL LAPAN MALAM BARU DAPAT AMBIK!

Ingat senang ke renew passport..... aku ingat ambik ni kejap je la paling2 pun tiga jam.. tapi dah drag masa..

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ardunio 101

I was asked by a friend to assisting her teaching her students on Arduino. It kind of the other side of Raspberry Pi, whereby Arduino is a single tasking board.

If you're interested to learn Arduino, you can check out Arduino courses here

In the following pictures are Arduino UNO pack. In this case it comes with the complete electronics and booklet.