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Creating human friendly timestamp for Linux history

HISTTIMEFORMAT="%d/%m/%y %T " Output: 2031 29/06/15 21:54:31 ps uanx|grep -i bbb 2032 29/06/15 21:54:40 nmap localhost 2033 29/06/15 21:55:11 history

Cannot logged in with public key even after public key inside $HOME/.ssh on Centos

Things could be straight with Ubuntu, but not in my Centos VPS. So try the following if you met the same problem:

1) $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys must be in 640 permission
2) $HOME/.ssh must be in 0700 permission

It should work right away later on.

Ethernet Ltd for VPS - USD4 for 4GB RAM!

I just bought my first month VPS with Ethernet Ltd (what a common name anyway).
4vCPU, 4GB RAM with just USD4 (recurring every month!)

Find it here

Cheapest Virtual Private Server (VPS) according to memory and hard disk consideration

As a ROM avid compiler, I don't want to use my local machine to do the compilation job, as it'll use more electricity and reduce and efficiency of doing job.

So I decided to find VPS which has ample hard disk size and big RAM, at least 6GB RAM.

So I found several choices.

Contabo - 6GB RAM and 500GB HDD for EUR 7.99

Waveride - 4GB RAM, 4 cores CPU, 50GB HDD at EUR5

SSDApp  -  6GB RAM, Intel Xeon 3.4 Ghz (no detail on cores) and 210 GB SATA III Storage at EUR9

Feel free to try and share your experience here :)

Vultr - another reliable alternative for SEA Virtual Private Server!

I have been using Vultr as my recent VPS now, since it has just a nearby Data Center in Singapore (sadly, Malaysian VPS is always expensive.. so the best option is DC in Singapore - most of the time).

It provides free trial credit for around USD5.. and +USD2 if you did a social media integration/sharing with Twitter.

Try it now. Click Vultr