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How banks create money?

Dulu waktu undergrad aku pernah belajar Economics, ada satu tajuk yang aku pernah baca berkenaan banking.

Teringat benda ni pasal aku guna credit card (Visa dan Mastercard). Tujuan asal nak bawak ke Beijing,jadi tak perlu bawa banyak cash.

Bahayanya credit card ni ialah kemampuan mengawal nafsu membeli belah. Semalam aku nak beli satu kitab (Himpunan Hadith Sahih, tulisan Drs Abdul Ghani, disusun mengikut topik), tapi sebab ada kredit kad, aku beli complete 3 jilid+1 kitab Asbabun Nuzul al-Quran. Total RM175(asalnya RM190,aku mintak kurang sebab aku beli 4 buku,hehe,patutnya CASH transaction je yang biasa orang tawar,sebab kedai kena bear kos credit card usage). Anyway, hopefully pintu rezeki akan terbuka, dari jalan yang tidak disangka-sangka.

Baca satu topik berkaitan credit card di ITTUTOR
Kalau kita bayar on-time(macam aku, aku tak nak tangguh-tangguh,nanti lupa bayar)-aku rasa bank tak boleh buat duit on credit card. hehe.

Satria: My Car

At last, my car.

(the photo,however is not mine ;-) ) .

After struggling with bank and distributer,at last I got my Satria to ride. First trip? My friend's wedding in Ipoh. Even manufactured in 1996, the car seems nice(with minor things to be repair e.g reverse sensor). Second hand car however, have to deal with high interest rate. Thiking to switch to Bank Islam afterwards after looking at their lower rate(of course I have to support Islamic Banking, rite-though with those RM700 millions corruption dodos).
Turn 2006..... gosh!

Growing up, means more responsibility+have to be more mature(given your face looks mature and your age number increase at increasing rate). Hope to act childish forever but work environment and people you dealing with not always welcoming that :-)

Actually I got a dream(well, it's always like that when it comes to $$$ sucking stuff) to buy a digital camera. So I jump here.

Asked some friend and my bro, they came out with technical jargon such stabilizer etc. Hem, buying digital camera is also not that easy. I expecting to buy

Got a glimpse on Lumix(panasonic) with Leica Lens. Also got Olympus and Sony pamphlet in my hand. But my bro told me those last two using different memory card unlike Canon(SD card).
-just wondering why should I bother with expensive memory card when it was like one-time expenses?

Or you guys got any suggestion?

I plan to buy a digital camera which can take pix on the run(in moving vehicle for e.g). So do I need SLR lens here? Or just the shutt…
Beijing and image manipulation addict


Image manipulation with command line is fun and time consuming too. Given my Digikam plugins unable to work, I start to figure out many wonderful features of other tool which offer almost the same quality.

However I was stucked with ImageMagick,with many tutorial on the net:


for i in *jpg ;do convert -font helvetica -fill white -pointsize 18 -draw 'text 10,50 "ACM-ICPC Beijing 2005"' $i $i;done
The pix above shows a heater to heat up guest room during ACM-ICPC competition. (outside building's temperature is almost 4 celcious).
Buat HTML Thumbnails guna command line

Saja jek,coz saya nak create html thumbnails guna digikam,tak nampak lak plugin tu kluar even dah emerge on Gentoo.

Short cut,guna command line bash saja,dengan syarat imagemagick dah diemerge.

katakan saya ada berpuluh-puluh fail JPG dan nak letak pada laman web,

buat satu direktori,

mkdir th

buat thumbnail:

for i in *.jpg; do convert -sample 25%x25% $i th/$i ; done

buat html thumbnail:

for i in *.jpg ; do echo "src=\""th/$i\"">" >> index.html; done

(kena escape " dengan \" kalau tak readable oleh for loop).
digikam punya html plugin tak jalan,terpaksa guna CLI.

Ni hao ma!

Baru balik dari Peking malam tadi, dah kena masuk office. Soalan paling tak nak dengar, how's the competition? :-)

Guess what. We are far from ACM, yet. Nak cari competence trainer pun actually not easy task. I bet you guys considering many things before go into ACM next time. Apapun, we learn a lot from this wonderful journey....

Salam dari Beijing

Today is the last day here in Peking. Esok dah nak balik dah,flight pagi dengan Singapore Airlines(transit Changi).

Hari ni plan nak pi Great Wall. Have to spend whole day there as nak pi sana pun dah amik 2 hours pegi and the other 2 hours going back.

Here some pix of my guys struggle in codes. Result out already, but i'll not tell you guys about it. :-)

Dari mana nak ke mana (min aina ila aina)

Gadis Soton in action :-)
Sending Wishlist for Idiot!

Not another normal howtos, I was impressed with this stuff, so then I request a bug(which actually a wishlist).

jakub AT changed:

What |Removed |Added
AssignedTo| |
Severity|normal |enhancement
Keywords| |REQUEST
Film Review: Qaisy dan Laila

Kisah mengenai cinta dan pengorbanan gadis Malaysia, Laila yang menyertai Malaysian Relief Team dan jatuh cinta dengan pemuda Afghanistan, Qaisy.A love story between an Afghan young man, Qaisy, and a Malaysian medical relief volunteer, Laila. The gist of the story has Qaisy cutting short his studies in Malaysia to return home to look after his little sister when the rest of his family members were killed in the war. There he meets Laila who joins a Malaysian medical relief group to look for adventure.PelakonJehan Miskin ... Qaisy
Nur Fazura ... Laila
Umie Aida ... Dr. Suria
Radhi Khalid ... Sadiq
Redzuan Hashim ... Dato'
Rahimah Rahim ... Datin
Fahrin Ahmad ... Arman
Tengku Nurtasha ... Adik Nurjanah
Farok Khan ... Samad
rating aku: cam rugi je beli CD ori. jalan cerita tak berapa bagus,tak tau apa yang kurang,tapi compare dengan Puteri Gunung Ledang ada 'sikit' kureng.