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Aufa basuh rumah?

Aufa at clinic

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Just received my new home key

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sleeping beauty

my girl try to sleep after had milk

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cun nye
Creating Jabref launcher for Fedora Core 15

I am not sure why, Fedora Core does not include Jabref in their distro, unlike Ubuntu.

Since this is application is VERY CRUCIAL in my work, so I ease up my days by writing my own desktop shortcut file. So I have option whether to run through terminals or simply desktop.

Here goes. I am not aware if anybody else actually created this, since I cannot file any.

With you favorite editor, write an empty file, let say jabref.desktop .. locate it in your favorite place.

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=java -jar /home/najmi/JabRef-2.7.jar

Change the values accordingly. Prior to that, don't forget to get the JAR file for JabRef!

Now, as you can see we have a value, Icon=Jabref. This actually points to


 Now, we just have to locate them in the following places

/usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/ /usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/apps/
I have created the icons, just simp…



Beg ni boleh muat jamu,lampin,botol susu insya Allah

Tidur..Sleeping beauty

My first baby

Sleeping beauty :)


Harga kelapa muda ori standard rm3 skrg

Quran bookmarks with QuranPro

Tak perlu penanda buku fizikal...


G+ :)

Why I need unifi

Rasanya baru je dapat 20gb awal bulan ;)

My caps :)

The power of reds

Bibtex+jabref+ms word

Inter operatability

Bibtex+jabref+ms word

Inter operatability


Group chat in phone..Google+

Google+ on my phone

Google plus

Natural vortex

Green vortex Light at the endLight at the end

Random cat

Cat doe

Fimos Promotional cd with a year support

Linux things

Public or personal parking? location; pandan jaya

Public or personal parking? location; pandan jaya

Don't phish me dalam majalah pc june 2011, info kurang tepat sikit bab sistem operasi... bukan windows aje

Don't phish me Asus eepad transformerAsus eepad transformer

Bought backdated magazine

Bought backdated magazine

Google +1 button

welcoming the newly introduced Google +1 button
MOSC 2011

Malaysian Open Source Conference for this year (2011) will be held in Penang! Check the information in the official page here.
Unfortunately for me, I will not be able to come, neither as a speaker nor as a participant, since my wife is expected to deliver our first baby in July, so I have to be around her :)


every time the postman unable to deliver by hand, I've to drive several km to pick the parcel.. heh

My fav app

Love this app....pulse!
Batman or crypton kids?
had crabboo own style - self service.ikan hijack nasik dagang punye
peringatan bg yg lupa..