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Off pills and your physical well-being

I must admit that I'm having health deterioration at somehow unpleasant rate. Just wondering whether my body and health getting older before time. Reading through hopes and joys of other people life and success made me wonder whether I can be as par as theirs.

Just went back from kampung. Now that the short semester is yet to begin, I can blog for something. Few friends asked when will I update my blog, but then since some of the things I won't share and not much interesting things happened so this blog just aging as I am.

Contacted several prospective supervisor in OZ ... thinking to do my Phd in a country which has people who speak English, not much hassle on doing your phd .. and having muslim community. Perhaps, one important thing is that, since I was a grad of both Bachelor and MSc locally, going somewhere which not having dry and wet season only might be among my intention. But just wondering whether I can stand snow, an cold wind br…