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New home office

I just recently moved in to our new house..just nearby the previously rented home..bought a new computer table too..where I could put my files and research papers. Though I have aircond in my room,i try to be moderate with the electricity bills. Switch on aircond and I could suffer rm200 per month bill. since this is a subsale house, the previous owner already had the airconds installed

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Backup phone - Nokia Asha 303

I recently need a backup phone since my SGS II can not be used for call since it cannot detect the SIM existence.
I traded in my previous Nokia 6610  with this unit.. beli RM90, trade in balik RM20.. tapi I have to let it go since I am not using it anymore
Why Asha 303, simply because it has Wifi/3G. Since most of the time I communicate with my wife using data plan, it's kinda waste if I use the "old brick which works" on the normal SMS for frequent conversation.
I consider this as "an investment". I don't buy Android phone for my backup phone simply because my experience with my SGS SL, Samsung Tablet 7.0 that I bought for my wife, SG Tablet 10.1 - mine and my previous HTC Wildfire  - Android devices (stock OS) suffer lagging .. 40% of the time.
So this Asha 303, running S40 operating system, just "works" for basic apps. Some apps for example Google+ does not responding. Heck, I just need WhatsApps since it works.. the re…