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brew update problem - certificate issue

Typed "brew update" and got error with the certificate in git. Use this method, just copy paste (worked for me!). It is from here

wget --no-check-certificate cat /usr/share/curl/curl-ca-bundle.crt DigiCertHighAssuranceEVRootCA.crt > new-ca-bundle.crt sudo mv /usr/share/curl/curl-ca-bundle.crt /usr/share/curl/curl-ca-bundle.crt.old sudo mv new-ca-bundle.crt /usr/share/curl/curl-ca-bundle.crt

Installing HomeBrew on OS X Leopard (10.5)

I have this 2009's Mac Mini .. and ever since been using MacPorts. Then a friend suggested HomeBrew.
Seems pretty could, although I am not sure what difference it could bring since MacPorts already served the purpose (not entirely true, somehow you could have compilation breaks too).
10.5 uses Xcode 3.1.2. So I need to use 3.1.4. This could be done if I download the entire image (size around 900MB) and burn it to a DVD.

I need to register myself for an account with the status of Apple Developer and tick some checkboxes. Go here. When you successfully verified your email and click with authorization log in, you could see a search box. Insert Xcode and find 3.1.4. 
And, I need to remove my MacPorts as well since it isn't suggested to have them co-exist.
Tips to remove your MacPorts are here and here

iPhone 5 launching

-Apple's website down as of now, according to the news.
-According to an Apple fan website, the name of IPhone is exist in Apple's website search engine
-Just another few hours before the launching..

Will you buy an Iphone 5, the next IPhone?

Sijil PhD DIY.. there goes our money

Aku boleh kata there's foul play dan cara hire yang tak mengikut SOP. Kalau nak hire orang, tengok la track record dia, check DBLP ke SCOPUS ke. Google scholar at least. If someone out of the blue applied for a job and then you never verified them, it's your incompetency to check it out. Read this story... memang menyedihkan, habis duit dibazirkan untuk si mangkuk ayun yang satu ni. Dah la cakap besar (aku penah jumpa orang macam ni.. rasa nak penumbuk je. Padahal macam tong kosong je..)
Baca ni, dari sini:

The 45-year-old local lectured for more than two years at the university before securing a contract as a consultant at a government department. Commercial Crime Investigation Department sources said the man earned almost RM7,000 as a lecturer and RM15,000 as a consultant for more than three years. He was exposed last month when a former colleague at the university, incensed over the conman's constant bragging that he was now a high-earner with connections in high places, …


Oppa Gangnam style is kinda K-pop variant which suddenly become viral throughout the world. Mashable has done some analysis about the Gangnam district itself and related info . Click to enlarge.

TIME perkenalkan FTTH 100Mbps..

Maxis la UNIFI la. nah TIME pulak:


Gaji dan harga rumah di Malaysia

Ini adalah fakta. Perlukan kita menyalahkan inflasi?
Contohnya seperti saya yang duduk di Ampang, kami hanya mampu beli rumah di kondo, sedangkan harga yang sama di tempat lain, contohnya kajang dah boleh beli rumah teres, landed house.