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Ubuntu, where are you going?

KDE i18n mailing list is discussing about Rosetta's (Ubuntu translation pad) which what I understood as "try not to give back the KDE mainstream".

If you are interested, click;

1] Here

Aku lepak rumah kawan aku kat bukit jambul malam ni. dia dok berdua ngan kawan,dorang ni intel engineer. since ade broadband,aku bawak laptop aku since aku nak apt-get update ubuntu aku nih. esok baru bukak akaun hotspot aku,so aku leh la berwifi kat hostel.hehe.

naik bas.
naik bas harini. hurm,dua kali switch bus.cuba nak get used to since dah hostel's rules. kadang kelakar gak since umur dah macam ni kena paksa2 naik bas tapi dah nak buat camne dah nk dok hostel.kalu ade geng sewa rumah dekat2 kelas okeylah.

not much thing though,except aku kena beli buku unix programming,and aku kena bercubicle kat bilik aku lepas ni since banyak tugasan kena programming java rmi,and C utk socket stuff. since 4 subjects,plan to take one less programming,aku tak sure whether nak drop ke tak subjek yg perlukan matlab ni.

Bukit Jambul

I am in the process of making myself used to the environment here. Well, living in Penang in a way costs slightly cheaper compared to KL. Foods for example. I stay in hostel and I tell you what: Nasi Goreng Ayam cost me around RM2.50. Cheap. Hehe. But since I stay in the hostel, I just wondering whether I can enjoy any wifi hotspot or etc.

Well, class will start next week. So I have to note which subjects which are not in my area are worth to choose for. Maintaining excellent CGPA is one thing, graduate within 12 months is another consideration. So I've to plan carefully. Hopefully Allah will guide me with the best choice.

Enjoying Penangfon Broadband
After a long ride...

After almost 5 hours driving alone on my 1.3gl satria will all my boxes and bag-I arrived at Penang Island. Driving alone was boring,since car stereo signal was not that strong, no friend to chat, and I did take a nap for a while twice. Hehe. Sleepy in a sense that I have to be steady on my journey.

At last I am here. From my friend's kondo in Bukit Jambul, I can see bird's eye view from level 9 here. Got to register myself at 2pm.

Well, I'll spend my 12 months here,hopefully fruitful resulst and excel will be with me.