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Showing posts from December, 2007
Changing domain

For some reason I changed my old domain to . Other opportunistic fella already grabbed my old domain and selling out his printer. I guess next time I would not do the same after considering the Page Rank that I already built for YEARS! For God's sake!
Ruak-ruak (Amaurornis phoenicurus)

I saw a "ruak-ruak" bird outside my room in kampung.. with my point and shoot (well, anyone willing to donate me any DSLR cam?) I managed to snap two pixes. And once I open up the windows pane to get a better pix, the bird dissapear! :(

ACM-ICPC Al-Khawarizmi National Programming Contest in IIUM Gombak

top three results can be viewed here

New Semester Begins

Well, perhaps this semester I got the appropriate workload-12 credit hours, consist of 4 sections for teaching, and nice-one subject. Last semester I did taught 70 students, but when it came to marking it went to 156 students since I've to replace another instructor whom delivered her babies(it was twins!). And that's not included the 8 student for Industrial Attachment supervisions.

For this semester, I already decided to hold the midterm in the CAC to accommodate all 140 students. Previously I did the Mid Term in the class, since last semester I taught 2 sections, different subjects.

Best of Luck