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Showing posts from March, 2006
I am on my way to USM for Distributed Computing

Just check my application status for MCS in USM, alhamdulillah

The intake going to be in the July. Got few months left. Lot of jobs to be done before going there.
Wishlist: Unix Man Pages for Islamic terms

I was making a joke on one forum when people asking for some terms regarding ijtihad(Islamic scholars opinion based on hadith(the Prophet's narration) and also al-Quran. I suggest then why not one guy dare enough to create Unix man page for this words, so that when you wondering some terms, instead or "define:the_terms" , you also can get those info on your console...

I think if I got enough time I will work for this stuff. Fun and ambitious project though.
De Kuantan Le Ipoh to Gombak

I was in Kuantan last week for my workplace's promo. With all the gizmos, touchscreen and big bunting (read: barn thing), my collaegues and me spent darn hot weather to entertain visitors. Luckily there was Fazley(Dr), Waheeda and some other artist groups. But I'm not really interested as there are lotsof ppl to be entertained.

Kuantan's Vistana TV also doesn't have much interesting channel. my room doesn't have EPL. sigh. But something interesting was the woman who served our breakfast looks like Fasha Sandha. Really-tall and pretty like her lor(i think she is taller that Fasha Sandha)

Though it was weekend I have to do it coz my boss told it to do so. Then I took 2 days holiday,my mum asked me to accompany her to Ipoh for land name transfer. Lol. So tired lor... have to drive all the way to Ipoh and then last night drive back to KL. Today in office. Got to meet deadline at 3pm. (and here I am, blogging).
LUG Meetup: Campus syndrome...

My students already organized a simple meetup last week(more or less). Well, pretty simple with few topics/and even slides prepared by them. Among topics discussed were as follow:

1- Intro to OSS Collab Work by RSH/CVS/SVN -me :p
2- Connecting to Internet with 3G Handset on Linux-student
3- Metasploit-student

the incoming 2nd meetup will be held soon.... i'm happy to see their passionate on the presentations.

Good luck, and may the source be with us.
Ubuntu... my first time :-]

I was assisting my students on LPIC (though I am yet to have one). So after discussing with few colleagues, we agreed to use Ubuntu. The fallacy of assumption was that I am yet to try Ubuntu,lol.

As said by mypapit, the way Ubuntu treat superuser from normal user is by 'sudo su' command. I was trying to install Ubuntu with my students did the same on few Compaq workstations. Hey, I got few problems:

1- The Ubuntu GRUB didn't work well (i put it on MBR). The Compaq PCs keep rebooting(it supposed to be dual boot). So I opt to Fedora afterwards. :-(

2- Ubuntu 'sudo su' command prompted us with "error by hostname ()" , sort of

Did you got any problem with Ubuntu? Please let me know since I will not dealing with any distro that give much headache or time consumption during training session,hehe.

I think better use the original Debian next time, though the installation going to get you more pain.

p/s: Codefest workstations were installed wi…
Evaluating the best... academic and by statistics

I was evaluating someone's proposal/project and he/she came out with something that he/she prove the best... well in this case security tools.

How to prove by analytical study (fact and figures for sure) that those tools are the best?
My FOSSCON working paper is academic-wise?

I thought my paper written and presented during undergrads was a lousy one. But seems it have academic value also... thanx for host my paper....

Click here
Dude, get yourself a girlfriend!

Someone was having itch deep in their heart agains l10n team. I met Niibe, he assisted l10n stuff, and he is a kernel hacker. I met and having dine with Maho, Freebsd Ports Comitter and he is very friendly and humble. But dude, this guy is darn better than them!

Wicked wiki

You also can track down these guy's comments:

Open Source Software Collaborative Tools

There gonna be LUG meetup(1st!) on incoming Monday, 6th Mar 2006. I'm thinking to give some inputs to my student on CVS(bye!) and SVN. Well, how I'm going to tell them about those stuffs since their FYP will not in any way using collab. tools..... Have to do some research so that they not gonna be alienated with this tools....

I'm think to encourage them (if they willing to):
1- Register a project at or any OSS host that provide CVS access
2- Setup their local CVS/SVN server. Change and keep update their love letter inside
3- Be a geek, and if lucky enough OSS established team such as FreeBSD or KDE will give them CVS access.

Hurm.... instead of reading this stuff... it's thick!
ms_MY Live CD

MIMOS and Kedidi Emas Translation Team working out in their specialization for a Malay Live CD. You can download it here...