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The Assignments


I will have mid-term exam next week, and few assignments.
Other than breaking my C:/> (thanks fedora,your help for nuking my journals downloaded and make me spent almost days to get my works done back are really memorable), nothing were interesting.

Well, my friend Reza is here, starting his days as the super librarian (haha). So got more friends here. Met Nasir (engine) coincidentally as he works here as a lecturer (but at Trans Krian). And somehow also met Ahya' who work@Dell.

Few papers to be read on J2EE stuffs, also another papers for Spellchecker literature surveys. And the on going user-mode firewall, when *we going to write it? Since days become weeks, and it's already almost 2 months here.

Time still counting.
Email from Ubuntu

From: Mark Shuttleworth
To: aku
Cc: Jordi Mallach
Date: Aug 1, 2006 10:55 PM
Subject: Re: gnu ubuntu translation

aku wrote:

> my name is "aku punya nama" from malaysia.
> i already sent snail mail to FSF for GNU translation copyright. how can i join rosetta GNU applications translations?

Hi "aku"

The easiest thing is to ask Jordi to help you setup a Malaysian translation team for Ubuntu, and start translating the Gnu applications there that you use. You should also try to approach Malaysians who are interested in Free Software to join your translation team so that you get a good group together to work on the problem!

Then start translating.


My comment: There is already a group for Malaysian team in Ubuntu(it's darn easy with Rosetta). I was initially asking how the GNU software translation going since the translation should send "snail" mail to FSF for copyright.