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Ardunio 101

I was asked by a friend to assisting her teaching her students on Arduino. It kind of the other side of Raspberry Pi, whereby Arduino is a single tasking board.
If you're interested to learn Arduino, you can check out Arduino courses here
In the following pictures are Arduino UNO pack. In this case it comes with the complete electronics and booklet.

My Android file sharing site

I applied this account long time ago, and many of my ROM and kernel builds were uploaded here.
For a developer like me, this site is simple and allow the developer to receive donation from the users.

However I feel demotivated since nobody.. yes NOBODY donates a single cent.. say for the kernel build. For the ROM. I don't really bother since I didn't code them from scratch.. just compile it.

But for kernel, most of them were tested rigorously to ensure it's stable before being uploaded.

Anyway.. just refer my works here

C++ codes for counting saving according to the number of days

Say you need to save RM according to the number of day in a year.
Day 1 in Jan =RM1
Day 2 in Jan =RM2

Day 365 in Dec = RM365

which is quite impossible at the end of the year.. because it's freaking a lot.

Anyway a friend want to count that hence I wrote my simple C++ program;

using namespace std;
int main()
int sum;
for (int i=1;i<=365;i++)
cout<<"Sum is "<return 0;

That's all.