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Somebody asked me about GRE, so I archive it here...
salam, just started my far very bz with classes.
GRE: to register for this exam you have to register from ETS, it handles TOEFL exam too, fee for GRE is around USD170 (last year), while TOEFL is around USD150.
Last time I chose to take the exam at Prometric(nearby LRT Dang Wangi, so it's easy to catch the train since it begin 900AM, otherwise you can choose for evening).
I did not really prepare for GRE and TOEFL since I had wedding weeks before.. so busy with something else. Nevertheless the M'sian govt decided not to send the rest of us overseas, so actually taking both pretty much a waste (sigh). But later I took IELTS, and score quite well, also pointless(I got an offer to Australia though).
Anyway.. GRE has two sections, quantitative and qualitative, finally analytical writing. Quan. is much like high school math, but you've to get the first few questions right..otherwise your score will be low, since the nex…