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Library calls


Was not writing for few days. First, I'm feeling that I've to spend my time doing something more productive. Second, I believe not much thing to write . Third, I believe, every single stuff that we work on should be meaningful to, well, at least me.

So does it mean that writing this blog is counter productive?

Well, in a sense-yes. Writing blogs is not a priority-since you're not paid to write blog. But then, a blog is a phenomena. Blog is way of conveying message. I've went through few blogs writings about Rufaqa,as e.g Pro & Cons. Also, bloggers writing about their projects -geeky stuffs which they're working on. And I just saw a website plan to set up their own "corporate blog".

Just to update my stuff. Just met my SV yesterday, and I sent my proposal on Honeypot. I've to figure out the specific topic/research that worth for 1 and half semester research. Tomorrow I'll make my day go back to hometown(yeay!).

Safe drive. and s…
Honey, I am working on the lempeng.

Just met my prospective supervisor and get his signature and my form stamped. So it's "Honeypot: A survey of classification,specification,design and implementation" .

I'm looking the possibility of "dynamic" honeypot . To tell what is my research later on is not my interest because it's a PnC . Well, after few nites spent on the Net just looking for the appropriate topic,why should I disclose it. :p

Thinking and missed the Gentoo Linux box. When was the last time I did emerge command.

I heard about Honeypot once when I was in my undergraduate. Try to look into it but I found it far too difficult for me at that time.
Plan to save to world


Was not writing this *lovely* blog for quite sometimes. Packed with exams stuffs, all those assignments and nothing shoot me to write anything. For this few days I've to decide what kind of topic to be explored and chosen for my independent study,and of course, my dissertation soon.

Seems that my one month vacation will be occupied by reading all these research PDFs. Well, just met with one lecturer and asked her about her research. Seems that she try to persuade me to make me join her group. And it's biological stuffs.

It's dealing with database for biological data. So I've to learn few stuffs about protein? Or things like that. So, I start to be a part of capeless man, in the pursuit to save to mankind.
This is not funny This is not funny This is not funny This is not funny
This is not funny This is not funny This is not funny This is not funny
This is not funny This is not funny This is not funny This is not funny
This is not funny This is not funny This is not funny This is not funny

What it takes to be sanitary engineer

I keep asking myself whether people who achieved great science and mathematical achievement were borned with that de facto and de jure "gifted" IQ level.

And since I've got the chance, why can't I achieved that level of understanding? Or it just that something come across my life plot and yet to have to accept that as "fate".

Well, Tom Hanks in his movie said "^&%# happens". But I'll not use that word here since I am pretending as I am a good mannered, well and soft spoken people with heartless mind.

Was looking in this algorithm , what makes them able to come out with this stuffs? Effort? Long life painstaking hours in the laboratory. Sleeping with you feet upsky on the table? Drinking to much paraquat-insecticide? Extra dose marijuana? You tell me.

Since I'm not in the position of having well written English-yeah I'm dark,straight haired,specky,low class scientist wannabe.

Do we need janitor or …
Mendepang Arus


Dah lama aku tak update blog ni. Satu hal-aku malas nak tulis dalam English sebab tak natural. Dua-aku enable feed utk MyOSS dan Larrythecow-gentoo user. Aku MALAS nak DISABLEkan balik. So,bila aku tulis dalam BM, posting aku akan dibaca oleh non BM speaker. Hardly to say-aku tak punya mood utk tulis dalam English sekarang.

Last week aku present literature survey aku pasal SpellChecker,boleh klik sini

Sekarang tengah musim mid-term. Just had two papers-Adv Network dan satu lagi, Parallel Algo. Incoming-Adv Distributed dan Intelligent Data Processing.

Few things-aku mula sakit pening2 sekarang ni. Aku rasa sebab workload empat subjects yang aku ambik,atau masalah lain.

Tapi honestly aku tak sabar nak abiskan semester ni-with excellent grade of course. Hardly to admit BMIS student macam aku memang terjengkolet dengan subjek2 yang banyak Math dan algoritma ni.

Once here,I am here. Do what you should do.
The Assignments


I will have mid-term exam next week, and few assignments.
Other than breaking my C:/> (thanks fedora,your help for nuking my journals downloaded and make me spent almost days to get my works done back are really memorable), nothing were interesting.

Well, my friend Reza is here, starting his days as the super librarian (haha). So got more friends here. Met Nasir (engine) coincidentally as he works here as a lecturer (but at Trans Krian). And somehow also met Ahya' who work@Dell.

Few papers to be read on J2EE stuffs, also another papers for Spellchecker literature surveys. And the on going user-mode firewall, when *we going to write it? Since days become weeks, and it's already almost 2 months here.

Time still counting.
Email from Ubuntu

From: Mark Shuttleworth
To: aku
Cc: Jordi Mallach
Date: Aug 1, 2006 10:55 PM
Subject: Re: gnu ubuntu translation

aku wrote:

> my name is "aku punya nama" from malaysia.
> i already sent snail mail to FSF for GNU translation copyright. how can i join rosetta GNU applications translations?

Hi "aku"

The easiest thing is to ask Jordi to help you setup a Malaysian translation team for Ubuntu, and start translating the Gnu applications there that you use. You should also try to approach Malaysians who are interested in Free Software to join your translation team so that you get a good group together to work on the problem!

Then start translating.


My comment: There is already a group for Malaysian team in Ubuntu(it's darn easy with Rosetta). I was initially asking how the GNU software translation going since the translation should send "snail" mail to FSF for copyright.

Ubuntu, where are you going?

KDE i18n mailing list is discussing about Rosetta's (Ubuntu translation pad) which what I understood as "try not to give back the KDE mainstream".

If you are interested, click;

1] Here

Aku lepak rumah kawan aku kat bukit jambul malam ni. dia dok berdua ngan kawan,dorang ni intel engineer. since ade broadband,aku bawak laptop aku since aku nak apt-get update ubuntu aku nih. esok baru bukak akaun hotspot aku,so aku leh la berwifi kat hostel.hehe.

naik bas.
naik bas harini. hurm,dua kali switch bus.cuba nak get used to since dah hostel's rules. kadang kelakar gak since umur dah macam ni kena paksa2 naik bas tapi dah nak buat camne dah nk dok hostel.kalu ade geng sewa rumah dekat2 kelas okeylah.

not much thing though,except aku kena beli buku unix programming,and aku kena bercubicle kat bilik aku lepas ni since banyak tugasan kena programming java rmi,and C utk socket stuff. since 4 subjects,plan to take one less programming,aku tak sure whether nak drop ke tak subjek yg perlukan matlab ni.

Bukit Jambul

I am in the process of making myself used to the environment here. Well, living in Penang in a way costs slightly cheaper compared to KL. Foods for example. I stay in hostel and I tell you what: Nasi Goreng Ayam cost me around RM2.50. Cheap. Hehe. But since I stay in the hostel, I just wondering whether I can enjoy any wifi hotspot or etc.

Well, class will start next week. So I have to note which subjects which are not in my area are worth to choose for. Maintaining excellent CGPA is one thing, graduate within 12 months is another consideration. So I've to plan carefully. Hopefully Allah will guide me with the best choice.

Enjoying Penangfon Broadband
After a long ride...

After almost 5 hours driving alone on my 1.3gl satria will all my boxes and bag-I arrived at Penang Island. Driving alone was boring,since car stereo signal was not that strong, no friend to chat, and I did take a nap for a while twice. Hehe. Sleepy in a sense that I have to be steady on my journey.

At last I am here. From my friend's kondo in Bukit Jambul, I can see bird's eye view from level 9 here. Got to register myself at 2pm.

Well, I'll spend my 12 months here,hopefully fruitful resulst and excel will be with me.
Danga Bay, Chevrolet Optra and bio...(eh?)

I thought it was Debian(haha).

My colleague point me to the AirAsia flight turbin and he told me,

"Macam debian punya logo"

I saw a spiral on top the turbin blades. Pretty much like Debian Logo

That's spark me to shoot for a pix. And I was warned by the airport staff. Uh,uh. Flash lamp will spark burst,eh?

I was presented my "mock" research proposal. Suggested "Profiling Bioinformatics Application Behavior on Distributed Computing Architecture". Eh, will this gonna be bioinformatics specific or hardware optimization specific.or?

Flashback: I spent almost a week at the office. When it's Subh azan,went back to my house for bath and pray.
Reading all the journals and papers was not funny,really. Tough eye balls. No world cup. Ewh. And have some VCD lure. Uh,uh. you gonna be kidding.

Anyway, I learned a lot and UTM SLAB Research Course is no joke. Really. My proposal has been corrected with comments so I have to rewr…
a walk to remember....


just to write something.. 1st i try to make it in english though seems
poyo. who cares. better than ikan puyu in a sense. ehheheehe...

life a bit(well,a lot) hectic these days... i'm counting my days to
minden. afraid,joy,tired all those feelings mixed. afraid since i
gonna do my masters-and i have to score so that my sureties/guarantors
and of course me will not worry about the scholarship.

tired-since i did slept in office for almost a week.finishing
literature review.bulk of journals printed(almost a stack) to
read.then crunching all the infos to create 20pages of mock research
proposal.jpa need them. utm really serious for this kind of thing.
suffer lor. so if you got chance to go for SLAB soon,think twice or
thrice. you'll go this stage-sleepless nite. ;-)

and AWP muktamar.need to do report. bro hilwani asked for report. but
i can't make this time. because i do all this thing alone. report
financial somehow i also have to do it. Awp meetin…
In God we trust everyone else pays


i just want to put my words here since this mail is silent. so silent
and when i looked into the sky i'm thinking i much like a white
feather being brought by the wind going anywhere without purpose
without sound without interference.


hehe. betrayal is a breach of trust. mangkuk that being brought to
melati's house is a case study. for you for sure. and i don't even
want to remember it as it was a @$$@. really @$@$@. a metamorphosis of
human being to a @$@@$^%$% .or human waste.

don't trust anyone easily. but blood or by money.
but people always asking for money. nak itu nak ini. like we get it
easily celah gigi.

when we helped people,we always thought that we did that for Allah.
what if the people we helped intentionally and emotionally exploited us?

and we helped them with trust?
put trust to trashcan. because trust is no longer exist.

but i need trust to find surety for my study leave. hehe.
at least i need someone else trust.
at least…

life is quite different.
things going like wheels. i look at the sky and saw bluish sky and white clouds.

suddenly i felt hopes. and life above the wheel that always round and round.

just went from LHDN and get my agreement documents stamped. the 1st time i guess fill in that particular PDS 1 form.

get other jobs to be solved. other responsibles to be accomplished.
somehow felt lonely in a way,when all these things have to be solved at your own. and you don't have particular person that really want to spend time to talk with. have to be on your own. own effort as you/me are the one who will enjoy if it's a success. suffer if it gonna be less (na'uzubiLLah).

but talking to someone really cheer me up. though it's not really significant to other people eyes'.

and talking with Skype won't really work well. verbal,face to face communication works then.
Of Doctors and Lawyers

Some people don't understand doctors. Well I don't. I stay in my house with my friend-and he is practicing medical doctor. He do locum(part time @ clinic) and he experienced on call. And did befriended with a doctor too(she's married btw). But I still don't understand. And you tell me how and why should I understand it.
And they-the doctor ask me to understand them once. But I don't. And I don't want. But there might be reasons in the future for me to force myself to understand that.

Then come lawyers. Some lawyers advised me to lodge report because of the motorbike that being paid under my name being brought away by my "friend". So they advised my to lodge for stolen motobike. So what's the big deal. No big deal if they got you did false report. Two years in jail. Good for you. One girl who now is a deputy attorney general (AG) told me just let ourself to seems stupid and steady but not get caught.

By teh way,I got my motorbik…
Just got the offer letter

Just went back from Putrajaya. Going up to level 5 Parcel E (KPT) and asked for my SLAB letter. Huhu. Kindof weird. Last time I served people at Parcel C-yeah sysadmin stuffs. Today I am here as part of them(people to be served). Hehe. Then there goes teh offer letter stated my name,my incoming university(USM!) and.. all the agreement stuffs need to be signed.

Parcel B-Mampu.
Met one friend there and had a lunch. Herm, I just want to tell how can I get there before I got my stomach filled. First, I observed for Parcel E,then D,then C... and where B goes? Uh.uh. So there goes me myself in front of the Putrajaya mosque. Call for alert. and arrived. hehe. Unlike the other parcel's building Parcel B's security protocol need ya to exchange your ID with the visitor's card at the main gate itself.
Lost in Translation [TM]

Just chat and put a phrase on translation. I grew with KDE but not really using it since I am hooked with WindowMaker. Not that I don't like it but I only want to use application that I want to make use of.

Just want to refresh my memory. I was not committing SVN for quite sometime,and I don't remember the command. So I google my kde-i18n mail. And accidentally I also read the old mail which writter since 3 years ago... among of them:

1] Worrying to much on KDE ms_MY inclusion
2] Fuzzy
3] No chemistry
4] Merging
5] Where to go?
6] W00t! It's SSH Tunnelling!
7] Building KDE from CVS
8] Minimum was obligatory
Mass defacement puts Turkey on the map

DBmail [You got mailed]

Last nite I just went to Br Hafnie's Linux class. Thought it's going to be a basic class and I hope I can read journals for my writings at the back. Doh. It's mail server class and it's in the small cube and... it's DBmail!!!

Thanx for the hot pancake introduction. Since Br Haris had organize this kind of class for almost ONE year... and it's feaseable for me to come in since the range and diameter still in middle or nearby KL-I'm thinking to be a consistent audience..hehe.

Man, I have to read teh journal[s]. Huhu. Focus.

Later he[hafnie] assigned one of the guys there for egroupware installation[funny to see .svn file being dumped into teh tarball. No wonder it took soooo long to unextract.haha]. Last time @ old workplace I used to play around with Phpgroupware.
Another wonder-why .deb phpgroupware was harder to configure and make it worked compared to the tarball? Any clue guys?

And nite class always ended with hot teh tarik@mamak stall.…
When I offline

Yesterday I got my workplace's somekind of Islamic course. Well to summarize it comprises HR strategic and team bind stuff which is cool. And after that I got myself thrown few kilos of bowling balls to Alamanda Putrajaya's bowling lane. Haha. I think the last time I played this game was about 2 months ago. It seems that my skill does not really bad since I still can do some strike,spare and of course longkang to throw balls into. Kind off cool.

And it was the first time@alamanda. Nice shops. But it seems different compared to KLCC/One Utama huhu. Just wondering how this place looks like during long holidays since it is in Putrajaya where government offices located.

Today-yeah just went back from Sunway lagoon. Usually I went to the bowling place-or just walking around looking for people do ice skating. But the it's time to wet! hehe. My workplace organize such a happening event for us and including those who have kids-it's worth to spend your time. Else-n…
Salam dari Yogjakarta

Bahtiar Rifai( ialah sahabat online dari Yogjakarta,Indonesia

(11:17:07) bahtiar_rifai: SALAM JUGA, SAYA BAEK2 SAHAJA, SAAT GEMPA
(11:17:40) john doe: okey
(11:17:53) john doe: saat ada gempa aku terus teingat sama bahtiar di
(11:18:06) john doe: sekarang ini kamu di mana sih?
(11:18:29) bahtiar_rifai: TERIMA KASIH NAJMI, SAYA ADA DI JAKARTA
(11:19:19) john doe: rumah mu bagaimana?
(11:21:32) bahtiar_rifai: RUMAH SAYA BAEK-BAEK SAHAJA ... SANAK

sewaktu saya mendapat berita tentang gempa bumi itu,saya di bagan
datoh perak,baru plan nak makan soto ayam.

Suse 10.1 on my machine

So it's triple boot. I am against time. Putting up my machine in the best state, reading journals for literature review and uh uh got few more days before teh presentation day.

OMG. Things hopefully gonna be as what I plan.

Have to do reading on manual when come to updates. Previously I used to have as Suse's mirror. Just noted that it was being update to

Suse Gambh Malaysia Fan. hehe.
Running Ubuntu on Tecra Toshiba

Wide screen. You rock me!
w00t. Got laptop at last!

At last I bought my own laptop Toshiba Tecra A5. 50gb HDD already sliced for triple boots (I won't mention what OS installed. Figure out and guess yourself ;-] ).

root@syncronix:/home/mnajem# cat /proc/{meminfo,cpuinfo,version}
MemTotal: 507668 kB
MemFree: 20768 kB
Buffers: 37552 kB
Cached: 224600 kB
SwapCached: 48440 kB
Active: 272140 kB
Inactive: 123412 kB
HighTotal: 0 kB
HighFree: 0 kB
LowTotal: 507668 kB
LowFree: 20768 kB
SwapTotal: 1566296 kB
SwapFree: 1482768 kB
Dirty: 60 kB
Writeback: 0 kB
Mapped: 160768 kB
Slab: 23732 kB
CommitLimit: 1820128 kB
Committed_AS: 319872 kB
PageTables: 1644 kB
VmallocTotal: 516088 kB
VmallocUsed: 8020 kB
VmallocChunk: 507532 kB
processor : 0
vendor_id : GenuineIntel
cpu family : 6
model : 13
model name : Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.86GHz
stepping : 8
cpu M…
Scratch and Win!

I got my satria another scratch, again!!!! this is the 4th ones. Either it were because my driving competencies or because of *luck* or things like that.

[1] Blind spot. Dapat lekuk sebab reverse keta kat anjung rahmat. Need RM80 utk ketuk,RM200 if you want ketuk+cat sekali

[2] Rough parking. Maya hotel. Bumper depan scratch,besau lak tu.... Good for me.

[3] Ntah ade ape kat Jalan masuk MRR2 tadi,semua orang nak berkerumun ke tepi jalan belah kiri. ade seorang mamat yang ntah ape-ape pun turun moto nak seberang jalan...wah...aku drive lane laju di selamba ayam je turun ke hiway...wah.... aku brake emergency dan keretaku berputar 225 degrees,nasib tak kena hentam kereta belakang...alhamdulillah dia selamat... tapi kereta aku bila check tadih.....ada scratch... complete dengan crack kat fiber sekali....wah......aku pun selamat gak... tapi lain kali toleh la kiri kanan sebelum nak menyeberang tuh... dan ape punya perangai berenti nak tengok event menarik tu....menyusahkan ak…
Ini bukanlah gadis epal

I forgot my laptop charger

I want to use my laptop and suddenly I realized I left it at my sister's house-and she with her husband going back to Melaka. And I will be going to Skudai this afternoon. Nasib badan.

And MSD asking for the research proposal. Aiyo...

Call for Compaq Laptop Charger!
Finding Journals and Writings for Literature Review

Obiwan(Usin) gave CiteSeer link to me to find out writings for my proposal. Tq Bro. Ada link lain tak? Saya budak baru belajar :D


Nak tulis BI ke BM? I think since my blog is dual language, I opt to write in BM pulak. heh.

All of us went back to KL after hours trip from Skudai.

Semalam baru balik dari SLAB week 1. Harini cuti Wesak, and to get myself "net"ted, go to office instead. Malam tadi,on the way back to KL, my colleauge SMS, kata office nak research proposal... alamak, aku punya literature review belum matang lagi. Ke nak kasi proposal separuh masak. Sebelum2 ni tak dengar lak kena kasi RP yg complete. So.. buat je lah dan send by email. Ahad kang nak kena balik Pulai Spring lagi (best weh!). Cuma takde broadband internet connection . Isk. Ada laptop takleh online :maksudnya kena onkan laptop utk buat Literature Review lah tuh. huhu.

Masa kelas Literature Search di PSZ UTM semalam(mypapit, ko nye number henset ape eh?), berkenal-kenalanlah dengan journal/abstract database search tools: ScienceDirect
Time kelas ni ada lak Br Adli's sister. Kebetulan lak.

Honestly,masih banya…
FOSS: Academician's Role

Currently I am preparing my pre-research proposal-on Distributed Computing. Just wondering in my 26 years old and dealing with people ages far with me, sometimes I got a thought whether should academician start his/her this young? But looking there are ppl around me who start his Phd at my age, I believe it doesn't matter.

I dropped to my youngest bro's blog who's currently doing BioCell/Tech-donno which one since his blog didn't really tell what exactly he's doing. Seems the nature of research in Purdue really makes him enjoy the world of academics. Hehe. But he enjoys play soccer. Good for him.

Back to FOSS. I'm thinking how to integrate FOSS OS(which perhaps i try to relate ut with Gentoo since I like it because some reasons) with my research.
Previously I met Maho who into FreeBSD so much for his area(chemistry if not mistaken).
And that leads him to ports committer. (Wondering whether I also qualify for soon…
Distributed Computing, Grid, Bioinformatics

Heh. SLAB training lak. Kena pegi UTM Skudai 2 minggu. Lepas tu kena pi workshop kat Genting. Peh...

Skrg tengah pening-pening lalat le... nak tulis research proposal..isk 5 pages je. Aku nak concentrate on Distributed Computing, dan berminat nak combine ngan bioinformatics....

Tengok pakej-pakej menarik dalam Gentoo dan Debian... just wondering what i'm going to do?
And is the project feasible in one SEMESTER period.....

Apa-apa ajer......
"We automate things"

I chat with one guy online and discussing about life of a geek who can spend his life at the outside world and less time computing. We made hypothethical conclusion, which are:

1-He is a sysadmin, and he can spend much time outside because;
a) He did a very good script, and if his machine went wrong, the script will automate jobs

However, this hypothesis got a glitch which was;

1-If his job can being replaced by scripts, then why should we hire him any longer?

My Gentoo Box

I just want to put my Gentoo Box's screenshot because I can and because this is my blog.

Soton boats as the wallpaper and boring gkrellm2 showing of my Dell workstation's status.
FOSSCAR (Free and Open Source Carnival)

My students are organizing Free and Open Source Carnival.
click here for more details
Day 1
28 July 2006 (Friday) 0900 : Open Source Showcase

0915 : Talk 1

1100 : Opening ceremony

1300 : Jumaat Prayer (Showcase will be continued Non-Muslim and female visitors.)

1440 : Workshop 1

1600 : Talk 2

Day 2
29 July 2006 (Saturday) 0900 : Open Source Showcase

Registration for CodeFest

0930 : Talk 3

1000 : CodeFest

1030 : Talk 4

1130 : Workshop 2

1400 : Workshop 3

1500 : CodeFest

1530 : Workshop 4

1600 : Closing ceremony

Price giving for CodeFest and award.
De Gombak Code

I was jump into mydebian discussion group when one academician from Washington Univ. asking about Jawi fonts. Thanks to mynullvoid for his help to him.

I am really interested with the Prof Emeritus Nicholas Heer's specialization-on Nusantara "kitab kuning" and Islamic traditionalists. Quoting his words,


Personally I don't find the Salafis very interesting since they
are opposed to kalam, falsafah, and tasawwuf. They consider them bida`
and they are certainly correct since those schools of thought developed
only after the period of the Prophet and his companions. But those
schools are what I find most interesting in Islam. On the other hand the
Salafis get a lot of financial support from countries like Saudi Arabia
and they are certainly very popular politically since they are willing to
resist Israeli and US aggression against Muslims.


refer the thread here
Was I destined to Bangalore?

I just sent my IELTS result and USM online offer letter to HR office(called MSD). During meeting with colleagues, they make my eyes point to these verses

"As for your pursuit for Ph.D in future, the Committee suggested on the possibility of you seeking admission into universities in India"
And I am imagine for Banglore, IITA

My bosses mentioned this university so many times. It might be true in the future. Hardly to imagine how to get myself used to the situation there.

Anyway, get your MCS done first. Long way to go.
Google Analytics Roxx


Meant for web marketing performance reports and projections(I guess), I got it useful to view my web visitor presence in pictorial and graphical way.
I am on my way to USM for Distributed Computing

Just check my application status for MCS in USM, alhamdulillah

The intake going to be in the July. Got few months left. Lot of jobs to be done before going there.
Wishlist: Unix Man Pages for Islamic terms

I was making a joke on one forum when people asking for some terms regarding ijtihad(Islamic scholars opinion based on hadith(the Prophet's narration) and also al-Quran. I suggest then why not one guy dare enough to create Unix man page for this words, so that when you wondering some terms, instead or "define:the_terms" , you also can get those info on your console...

I think if I got enough time I will work for this stuff. Fun and ambitious project though.
De Kuantan Le Ipoh to Gombak

I was in Kuantan last week for my workplace's promo. With all the gizmos, touchscreen and big bunting (read: barn thing), my collaegues and me spent darn hot weather to entertain visitors. Luckily there was Fazley(Dr), Waheeda and some other artist groups. But I'm not really interested as there are lotsof ppl to be entertained.

Kuantan's Vistana TV also doesn't have much interesting channel. my room doesn't have EPL. sigh. But something interesting was the woman who served our breakfast looks like Fasha Sandha. Really-tall and pretty like her lor(i think she is taller that Fasha Sandha)

Though it was weekend I have to do it coz my boss told it to do so. Then I took 2 days holiday,my mum asked me to accompany her to Ipoh for land name transfer. Lol. So tired lor... have to drive all the way to Ipoh and then last night drive back to KL. Today in office. Got to meet deadline at 3pm. (and here I am, blogging).
LUG Meetup: Campus syndrome...

My students already organized a simple meetup last week(more or less). Well, pretty simple with few topics/and even slides prepared by them. Among topics discussed were as follow:

1- Intro to OSS Collab Work by RSH/CVS/SVN -me :p
2- Connecting to Internet with 3G Handset on Linux-student
3- Metasploit-student

the incoming 2nd meetup will be held soon.... i'm happy to see their passionate on the presentations.

Good luck, and may the source be with us.
Ubuntu... my first time :-]

I was assisting my students on LPIC (though I am yet to have one). So after discussing with few colleagues, we agreed to use Ubuntu. The fallacy of assumption was that I am yet to try Ubuntu,lol.

As said by mypapit, the way Ubuntu treat superuser from normal user is by 'sudo su' command. I was trying to install Ubuntu with my students did the same on few Compaq workstations. Hey, I got few problems:

1- The Ubuntu GRUB didn't work well (i put it on MBR). The Compaq PCs keep rebooting(it supposed to be dual boot). So I opt to Fedora afterwards. :-(

2- Ubuntu 'sudo su' command prompted us with "error by hostname ()" , sort of

Did you got any problem with Ubuntu? Please let me know since I will not dealing with any distro that give much headache or time consumption during training session,hehe.

I think better use the original Debian next time, though the installation going to get you more pain.

p/s: Codefest workstations were installed wi…
Evaluating the best... academic and by statistics

I was evaluating someone's proposal/project and he/she came out with something that he/she prove the best... well in this case security tools.

How to prove by analytical study (fact and figures for sure) that those tools are the best?
My FOSSCON working paper is academic-wise?

I thought my paper written and presented during undergrads was a lousy one. But seems it have academic value also... thanx for host my paper....

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Dude, get yourself a girlfriend!

Someone was having itch deep in their heart agains l10n team. I met Niibe, he assisted l10n stuff, and he is a kernel hacker. I met and having dine with Maho, Freebsd Ports Comitter and he is very friendly and humble. But dude, this guy is darn better than them!

Wicked wiki

You also can track down these guy's comments:

Open Source Software Collaborative Tools

There gonna be LUG meetup(1st!) on incoming Monday, 6th Mar 2006. I'm thinking to give some inputs to my student on CVS(bye!) and SVN. Well, how I'm going to tell them about those stuffs since their FYP will not in any way using collab. tools..... Have to do some research so that they not gonna be alienated with this tools....

I'm think to encourage them (if they willing to):
1- Register a project at or any OSS host that provide CVS access
2- Setup their local CVS/SVN server. Change and keep update their love letter inside
3- Be a geek, and if lucky enough OSS established team such as FreeBSD or KDE will give them CVS access.

Hurm.... instead of reading this stuff... it's thick!
ms_MY Live CD

MIMOS and Kedidi Emas Translation Team working out in their specialization for a Malay Live CD. You can download it here... Gath

I was having fun during gath at Rimba Tamu, Batang Kali.
All those guys and gals with some kids had their day joy and full of colours. Plus some games.
Here are some of the pixes;

Fried chicken being fried with some kind of freak mixtures

Stay here for a while before moving out to the said place

Eggs to be thrown up and down

Selamat menyambut 1427H

1427H !
Tahniah kepada dua pasang kawan seuniversiti;

Shahrin dan Hafizah
Azmir dan Azah

di atas majlis pernikahan kalian,
semoga perkahwinan kekal ke akhir hayat.
Selamat 'Eidul Adha

Saya mengucapkan selamat menyambut hari raya korban kepada para pembaca blog sekalian. Saya tak pasti siapa yang membaca blog ini, tapi surprisingly-I got a lot of new friends from my blog,whether guys or gals. Pray for me to live stronger, mature and unders Allah's rahmah wal maghfirah. Same goes to you guys :-]

Juga, belum terlambat untuk mengucapkan selamat menyambut tahun baru 2006 Masihi. Semoga hidup ini dipenuhi dengan warna-warna pelangi yang ceria, meninggalkan mendung awan 2005.