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MPH revisited

I wish I can have MPH pay me for getting them promoted within my blog. Somehow I believe they should. BN, Amazon, should do the same way as well. In a sense it makes me blogging about new books, getting people updated with the books and of course, getting them commented in my blog. He he. I guess though the online book mechanism do append comments from reader( or somehow there was also a case which accused a reader whom turned out the be the author/influenced by him), my blog should serve non-bias purpose. :-]

//Well,honestly it was just an excuse to get myself a FREE BOOK for lifetime.
Studying in Japan

Just want to share what I read since I surf around comparing the style of postgraduate studies across different developed nations. I dropped to this ACM page

And somehow looking at the writings it seems that the concentration of study in Japan is the best on hardware computing but seems not for the "soft computing"
It is interesting to see that none of these milestones is attributable to a Japanese computer scientist. I quizzed a number of academics about this, and found there is really no curriculum content particular to CS courses in Japan. Although the Japanese are world leaders in electronics, they have a tendency to follow rather than lead when it comes to software technology.But instead of being called as "follower", how's Japan performed compared to UK? Or the other European countries?