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Showing posts from November, 2006
Honey, I am working on the lempeng.

Just met my prospective supervisor and get his signature and my form stamped. So it's "Honeypot: A survey of classification,specification,design and implementation" .

I'm looking the possibility of "dynamic" honeypot . To tell what is my research later on is not my interest because it's a PnC . Well, after few nites spent on the Net just looking for the appropriate topic,why should I disclose it. :p

Thinking and missed the Gentoo Linux box. When was the last time I did emerge command.

I heard about Honeypot once when I was in my undergraduate. Try to look into it but I found it far too difficult for me at that time.
Plan to save to world


Was not writing this *lovely* blog for quite sometimes. Packed with exams stuffs, all those assignments and nothing shoot me to write anything. For this few days I've to decide what kind of topic to be explored and chosen for my independent study,and of course, my dissertation soon.

Seems that my one month vacation will be occupied by reading all these research PDFs. Well, just met with one lecturer and asked her about her research. Seems that she try to persuade me to make me join her group. And it's biological stuffs.

It's dealing with database for biological data. So I've to learn few stuffs about protein? Or things like that. So, I start to be a part of capeless man, in the pursuit to save to mankind.