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International Research Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Applications - review quality

So I found this journal "International Research Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Applications"

In Vol 2 Issue 4 April 2013 ISSN 2319-8672

I am not sure whether it was intended or simply the reviewing process is crappy. But I believe more on the latter.

Two types of citations being used, IEEE and APA style concurrently, for a so called "journal". How's that even possible?

Algoritma dan kod sumber "word cloud" generator

Laman web Jason Davis membolehkan anda untuk membuat word cloud berdasarkan akaun twitter dan perkataan yang anda beri. Cubalah!

Python for Computational Science

I found this ebook written by the original textbook author "Python for Computational Science". With several reviews ranged 4 to 5 out of 5 stars, I assume the printed book must be good. But I found this PDF, not sure whether it's the same book, or the previous editions. Some book authors have a good practice sharing their own PDF to be read by the public. 
Here goes