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Malware Challenge 2008 Results

Contest Results In all, we received 29 submissions to the contest. All of the papers showed their own unique approach to the challenge which made it very difficult to pick who received any prizes. However, after reading through all the submissions we picked the ones we felt were written the best, performed the best analysis and demonstrated theri knowledge in a way which was most learnable by others. Top 3 Submissions Emre Bastuz*Ajit GaddamDan Roberts
Runner Ups Chetan Ganatra*Scott KnightApneet JollyTareq SaadeRyan HaywardMichal Dida*Stephen DavisITT Tech TeamDan Kieta * Those marked are not eligible to receive prizes since they reside outside of North America. However, we wanted to recognize their excellent contribution to the contest. Rest of Submissions Jerome SeguraAnthony LineberryMelissa E.Team LipstickBrian AlmondHanelSpirit CatMuhammad Najmi Ahmad Zabidi0xbaddeadBilboOleg ChuviloOtto LenghiAnonymouseklksPeter KruseAttila-Mihaly BalazaNelson Santos