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Keeping in the best shape while working as a remote staff

Remote employment is not for everyone. It requires discipline, ability to work independently, proper time management and other related things (stable broadband, stable electricity, understanding spouse etc :) ).
Apart from those thing, how about the change of the work location itself? I've been working remotely from different houses in New York, Washington DC, Perth (West Australia),  Skudai (Malaysia), Bagan Datok (Malaysia), Ampang (Malaysia, most of the time) and lately - I tried to work from an Island - the Perhentian Island. This island is reachable around 45 minutes from the Kuala Besut Jetty. Pretty awesome journey and nice view since the weather was good. 

We (the whole family.. my wife and I, plus our two kids) went on the boat and saw this awesome creature - a turtle! The turtle managed to float itself to the surface for a while but unfortunately that time I was not ready with my camera. So I just put my action cam in the water to take a close picture. Our boatman later…

How to connect Virtualbox's host-only-adaptor to the Internet

I could do the setup quite simple in CentOS, but that's not the case for Ubuntu and Debian.

For Debian, I just followed this tutorial. We need to add an extra network card virtually as noted here

For Ubuntu that I used (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) it seems that I had another problem, there was no eth0....but renamed to enp0s3 etc which quite yucky...

So I need to get back the eth0 convention, hence I need to this first, refer here .. then only I could proceed with the manual network card assignment as in here