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LaTeX beamer for 2009

I spent my precious nites doing these stuffs. Everything went well except I didn't compiled my *.tex twice so that my Tikz arrows drawn perfectly.

Next 6th Nov I'll be going to present another talk.. I hope I can avoid such problem again.

Tex Source
My Presentation Slides [HTML]
My Slides [PDF, 70 slides since I did some overlays]

You can refer my .tex file and do whatever changes that you want... but I'll be happy if you tell me where will you present your talk using my so called *masterpiece* :D

By the way, I converted those Beamer PDFs using external command, that is gs

I tweak some recommendations here

So, what I did was;

gs -dNOPAUSE -g1024x768 -r205 -sDEVICE=pngalpha -sOutputFile=./temp/slide_%02d.png -dBATCH beamer-foss-my-09.pdfcd temp/new/

//02d since this will correctly numbers your slides sequence from 00,01,10,11.. otherwise it will assume 1,11,10 is within the same order(as you can see, in the link that I gave before it doesn't stated th…
LaTeX blog


Saya baru setup satu blog berkaitan LateX, sengaja saya berbuat demikian supaya blog ini tidak terlalu teknikal dan cryptic.

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