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Showing posts from March, 2005
Still on office, I got my Sophos documentation done,finally! After few amendments, things finally get done :). Kena pergi bagi training di tempat client esok.

I still believe Sophos got its on way to convince customer,the good thing is their efficient mail support for enquiries.

Hey, just got photoblog. ( I wish I can put any pix here in the first place,but I don't have much time to explore that functions here-if any ).

Lotsof pix coming soon (waiting for some money to buy digital camera, soon PDA,soon laptop-I think my new worplace will provide this for free anyway he he. Plus, saving some money to buy my dream car! ).

After print out those docs, have them binded by my bare hand! Funny enough after left those binding skills out for a while. terkial-kial juga :)

nampak gaya petang ni takde la cerah pun,jadi tak terasa fenomena 'Equinoks' yang digembar-gemburkan dalam media.
Gelap dok ada.