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"We automate things"

I chat with one guy online and discussing about life of a geek who can spend his life at the outside world and less time computing. We made hypothethical conclusion, which are:

1-He is a sysadmin, and he can spend much time outside because;
a) He did a very good script, and if his machine went wrong, the script will automate jobs

However, this hypothesis got a glitch which was;

1-If his job can being replaced by scripts, then why should we hire him any longer?

My Gentoo Box

I just want to put my Gentoo Box's screenshot because I can and because this is my blog.

Soton boats as the wallpaper and boring gkrellm2 showing of my Dell workstation's status.
FOSSCAR (Free and Open Source Carnival)

My students are organizing Free and Open Source Carnival.
click here for more details
Day 1
28 July 2006 (Friday) 0900 : Open Source Showcase

0915 : Talk 1

1100 : Opening ceremony

1300 : Jumaat Prayer (Showcase will be continued Non-Muslim and female visitors.)

1440 : Workshop 1

1600 : Talk 2

Day 2
29 July 2006 (Saturday) 0900 : Open Source Showcase

Registration for CodeFest

0930 : Talk 3

1000 : CodeFest

1030 : Talk 4

1130 : Workshop 2

1400 : Workshop 3

1500 : CodeFest

1530 : Workshop 4

1600 : Closing ceremony

Price giving for CodeFest and award.
De Gombak Code

I was jump into mydebian discussion group when one academician from Washington Univ. asking about Jawi fonts. Thanks to mynullvoid for his help to him.

I am really interested with the Prof Emeritus Nicholas Heer's specialization-on Nusantara "kitab kuning" and Islamic traditionalists. Quoting his words,


Personally I don't find the Salafis very interesting since they
are opposed to kalam, falsafah, and tasawwuf. They consider them bida`
and they are certainly correct since those schools of thought developed
only after the period of the Prophet and his companions. But those
schools are what I find most interesting in Islam. On the other hand the
Salafis get a lot of financial support from countries like Saudi Arabia
and they are certainly very popular politically since they are willing to
resist Israeli and US aggression against Muslims.


refer the thread here
Was I destined to Bangalore?

I just sent my IELTS result and USM online offer letter to HR office(called MSD). During meeting with colleagues, they make my eyes point to these verses

"As for your pursuit for Ph.D in future, the Committee suggested on the possibility of you seeking admission into universities in India"
And I am imagine for Banglore, IITA

My bosses mentioned this university so many times. It might be true in the future. Hardly to imagine how to get myself used to the situation there.

Anyway, get your MCS done first. Long way to go.
Google Analytics Roxx


Meant for web marketing performance reports and projections(I guess), I got it useful to view my web visitor presence in pictorial and graphical way.