Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Adegan aku yang sengal

apsal takde network ni?
cuba ping.

ping google.com . takde pun?

hmm hmmm apsal tgk dalam icon eth connection takde lampu berkelip pun.. NIC card punye lampu pun tak berkelip.

tgk2 mcm ada benda pelik berlaku..... aa aa.. oo rupanya tercabut plug wayar d-link switch 5 port ku.. ee ee ee.. ingat tadi plug tu untuk speaker.

---aku malu sendiri bwahahahak.. nasib kantui dalam bilik sorang2 je

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Spinning circus

-contacted prospective supervisor. One institution agreed but since I checked with my fellow friend who still carrying his phd there in Western AU he said try to find some other top U.

-waiting for Victoria Wellington Univ's answer. Seems my research interest is there, but Dr Ian is yet to reply. Keep patient.

-QUT. The Dr whom I dealt with said I've to wait first for his friend who now in overseas so that he can discuss with regard to my research interest. Thanks Dr, you're very much did very quick responses!

-Univ of Queensland... hmm nothing much on computer systems instead on security surveillance. But I've to ask them first. Why I insist, since UoQ have a good rank. Second, because I might mislook for the appropriate scholar whom name wasn't there(?).

-contacted UMICH, Univ of Tennessee, Memphis. For UMICH I bet it is almost impossible since the standard is pretty much high. Yet I'm a bit reluctant to take GRE!(haha). But since there are no confirmation yet from the AU/NZ institution, I let my options open.

-Purdue did not require GRE, BUT they did not reply my mail. Perhaps so many good people wanna go to Purdue so my email diverted to junkmail(sob). But it takes 5 years to finish according to their curriculum outline. Owch!


Monday, May 12, 2008

HITB Security Conference KL 2008

Dear X, you have successfully registered for HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia. your registration ID is 7. An email confirmation has been sent to x@x.x.x. If you wish to make changes to your selection, kindly e-mail us at conferenceinfo -at- hackinthebox.org

register here

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Listed in Google scholar

My paper was listed in Google scholar.

Click here

Does it matter?
Not so, since as time goes on, I believe I should write and do (develop, making something realize) more!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Random Heart

Graduate School Information Request

Your request for information has been processed.

Thank you for your interest in the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Applications directed to addresses within the United States are mailed twice weekly with first class postage; allow 10 days for delivery. Applications directed to non-U.S. addresses are mailed weekly and sent air mail; allow at least 3 weeks for receipt. There is no charge for any of these materials.

The following materials will be sent to you here:

Department of Computer Science
Gombak, 53100 MYS

  • CMPSC program materials