Thursday, May 06, 2010

I bought several books for my study literature, one of them is
"Botnets, The Killer Web App" which covers the technical parts of botnet. At first I doubt the book actually cover the common botnet that people talk about, but after I read the book, yes sure it is. I suggest the word "killer web app" to be phased off, since it is not always dealing with Web... port 6667 isn't Web, port 80 and 443 always Web.

Virtual Honeypots: From Botnet Tracking to Intrusion DetectionPrior to that I already got Provos and Holz's
Virtual Honeypot's book. This is also a technical book, finely grained covered on howtos of the honeypot including the popular Nepenthes (although now it's already dead, succeeded by Dionaea).

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