Monday, September 05, 2011

Creating Jabref launcher for Fedora Core 15

I am not sure why, Fedora Core does not include Jabref in their distro, unlike Ubuntu.

Since this is application is VERY CRUCIAL in my work, so I ease up my days by writing my own desktop shortcut file. So I have option whether to run through terminals or simply desktop.

Here goes. I am not aware if anybody else actually created this, since I cannot file any.

With you favorite editor, write an empty file, let say jabref.desktop .. locate it in your favorite place.

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=java -jar /home/najmi/JabRef-2.7.jar

Change the values accordingly. Prior to that, don't forget to get the JAR file for JabRef!

Now, as you can see we have a value, Icon=Jabref. This actually points to


 Now, we just have to locate them in the following places


I have created the icons, just simply download them here

jabref.png is a 48x48 icon

jabref.png3 is a 16x16 icon

To copy them, you may need a superuser access.

That's all. You should get your own desktop shortcut for JabRef now!


mypapit said...

thanks for the launcher tip!

najmi said...

no problem bro

Arko said...

I am using fedora 16 with gnome 3.0 desktop..what should i do to use jabref?Please suggest...this method of yours is not working ..:(

najmi said...

Arko, you can simply use gnome-terminal or from list of apps (press Windows button, you should get this) and type Jab- it will fill the rest automatically.

as simple as that.

i am not clear what is your problem actually.