Beli buku baru lagi.... :-)

I think in this month my budget mostly spent on *books*. I was once a book maniac, but then freezed on the machine compiling things for months-who need typical books when you can get online,always current,docs and wiki.

But things changed when I went to know many things about Islamic reading that I haven't went thru.

It seems costly when you buy books, but you will start to appreciate single cents you spent on it when you start read those books out. :-)

Thinking of moving houses. Adoi, books are the things that gonna be painstaking either for the author who wrote it or *royal pain* when you start to angkut-mengangkut. hehe.

I went to Pustaka Indonesia last week(the good thing is that I can bargain the price, unlike MPH bookstores hehe).

I just realized that eventhough you think Indonesian Rupiah are relatively low compared to our currency,but when it come to books, I wonder how can our publications can be low in cost and price the market compare to Indonesian's writings-it might be because of the import costs. Except for few Indonesian writings on low cost material paperback-I can get it below rm10.


.:: aNNuur ::. said…
waa... banyak borong ke?.. pustaka indonesia ...tempat favorite tu...memang best la buku2 kat situ and harga pun bleh tahan..... walaupun beza sikit gaya penulisannya, tapi memang masuk la..ayat digunakan kekadang tersentuh..
mnajem said…
takde la banyak borong.. :-)

tapi still understandable BM diorang.
kena pulak translation process diorang ni cepat...


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