What it takes to be sanitary engineer

I keep asking myself whether people who achieved great science and mathematical achievement were borned with that de facto and de jure "gifted" IQ level.

And since I've got the chance, why can't I achieved that level of understanding? Or it just that something come across my life plot and yet to have to accept that as "fate".

Well, Tom Hanks in his movie said "^&%# happens". But I'll not use that word here since I am pretending as I am a good mannered, well and soft spoken people with heartless mind.

Was looking in this algorithm , what makes them able to come out with this stuffs? Effort? Long life painstaking hours in the laboratory. Sleeping with you feet upsky on the table? Drinking to much paraquat-insecticide? Extra dose marijuana? You tell me.

Since I'm not in the position of having well written English-yeah I'm dark,straight haired,specky,low class scientist wannabe.

Do we need janitor or fried banana seller with graduate degrees? It's not a shame right work as those. Since you with your bulky papers,books and single point of click everything done for you might want to see world in other people shoes.

I dreaming myself into Stanford. But somehow low confidence and "I'm an Asian, that's why you should resides here. Never make a dream for Phd". Or MIT, but "those are for extra ordinary people. You can't never make it".

Do we have to admit that we have to accept our deficiency? What it takes to upgrade our education life mobility? What's wrong with being local graduate when you can present you papers in the international journal and conferences?

I don't want to be bad apple.


k4ml said…
from what I've learned so far, everyone has been programmed in their genetic, pre-defined on what they should be. so it's not about bad or good IQ. that's been equal, it's a matter of maximizing your effort in your own *time and space*, doing something that you're meant to be. /me, for instance is not meant to be a scientist so there's no point for me to maximize my effort in this space. Refer to my writing[1] for the context of what the crap I'm talking about ;)

dahlia said…
Everybody has their own pre-destined rizq. And, i do believe that upbringings, educations as well as experience have own roles for men to achieve success...
Seeing much, suffering much and studying much are the three pillars of learning...
We have to accept our own insufficiency...
wahida aka mystique_nw said…
jangan lah macam tu..

memang manusia itu lemah.. lahirnya dari tidak tahu apa-apa..

tapi belajar dan belajar.. sehingga bergelar seorang dewasa dan akhirnya terhenti apabila maut..

apabila lahirnya kepercayaan.. lahirlah kekuatan.. apabila adanya kekuatan.. lahirlah keberanian.. apabila lahirnya keberanian.. lahirlah usaha.. dari usaha .. lahirlah kejayaan..

usaha dan usahalah lagi

moga usaha anda diberkati Allah.. insyaAllah
unexistance said…
genetic may account for some cleverness in us, but the upbringing is - IMHO - the dominant factor..

tapi, einstein tu belajar memang tak tinggi, keje jadi clerk cabuk je, tapi masa die keje tu la die boleh publish 3 research papers..

rasa2nya, dia memang pilih keje bosan macam tu, supaya masa lapang die buleh buat tesis die tu..

so, pandai ke tak, bergantung kat effort (and some luck lol)

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