Open Problem : Why should I go to US for Phd?

I already bought TOEFL/GRE books and that cost me around RM180(approx USD60). Now that I discussed and influeced by several ideologies I become hesitate again with the effort.

Where should I go for my Phd study?

I was initially plan to AUS but then after several search, I don't really think I'm interested to work with the topic.. though under the security theme. Next, I was phone interviewed by an interviewer from UK but seems the sponsoring institution no longer favor on sponsoring students to UK. Also, thinking of doing only research will lead to the real depth of micro problem, I'm thinking to get exposed to broader issue/circulation of the intended problem.

What that suppose to mean?

It means I have a thought to master several areas related to my research interest. Say, my research interest will be around malware analysis. I would like to learn on Machine Learning, which under the AI theme, also, Systems Programming since dealing with OS stuffs.

But looking in the US graduate coursework curriculum somehow that will not necessarily happened since they ask for "Breadth" requirement, which usually falls under Theory of Computation which I never learned, and also, some other requirement.

I did ask one of the Prof then, will they accept with this deficiency, he said;

I can evaluate/decide/advise on your admission once I got your GRE score.

Seems that GRE is that important it can be a complement of your coursework deficiency? Some school such as Purdue's CS school don't even bother GRE but the requirement explicitly put average student admitted got 3.7 CGPA. That will answer everything.

Nevertheless, I think I should proceed with GRE, though it cost me USD170 . TOEFL, however still can be used for any institution admission requirement. 


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