Welcome Phaser 3124, so long Docuprint 203A

I bought my second printer, Fuji Xerox Docuprint 203A when I did my masters degree in USM back in 2006. At that time I printed out papers and stuffs with that printer, without much hassle. Once I reported back to my workplace, the printer left idle in the store room since most of the time I just print stuffs in the office (and not much need to print paper since usually I just printed out exam questions for my students). 

In 2010, I've to use my printer back. Unfortunately, when I lived in my old rented house, the printer was colonized by pests, even the box was munched out. So I've to clean out the printer so that it'll look okay. Yeah, perhaps I am wrong, after a rim papers was printed out, the printer experienced problem, it won't work. Say, for example, I want to print a page, it will print two, one sheet where it suppose to get the writings printed, another one just blank sheet. But most of the time it won't print at all, and just stuck at the paper feeder. I sent the printer for repair to Low Yat, to a Pakistani technician, he charged me RM80 and I thought it'll worth it, but it is not. The printer can't be used at all, plus the unlucky part, I just bought a brand new ink toner for RM160.

Now, just yesterday, I trade-in my printer for another Xerox printer, Phaser 3124, whereby I got a year additional warranty as the price of trade in (default 2 years, so now become three). It supposed to work only for Windows. But after got some love, I managed to get PPD file from open printing website. So now it should work with Ubuntu and Mac, since both are using CUPS. 

Download the PPD file here

Actually for Mac I was using Samsung's driver (it works..), but for Ubuntu Lucid, although I'm connected to the printer with IPP (which physically connected to the Mac using USB) , I need the driver which exactly matched with the printer, so simply click the given link above. It works for me.


Yun said…
I bought the same printer during PCfair 2010 @ KL Convention Center last few weeks.

Anyway, thanks for the tips.. :)

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