Interviewer: Shall we begin now ?
ok:what is your spm gred?
aku:I got 7 agg.
Int: your current CGPA?
aku: 3.x
int: I resume here,shown that you being director for Information and Public Relation. So,what exactly that you did?
aku: info pr bla-bla promoting the society,managing people bla-bla
int: so, what is your experience in managing people ?
aku: bla-bla understanding their problems, try to get patience, etc bcoz of voluntary work and not get any payment for involvement.
int: tell me in the specific matters ...?
aku: ... .... bla bla bla. this and that project....etc. etc.

int: your SPM is 7aggr, why do you got 3.x?
aku : bla bla cocuricullum,sacrifice. bla bla (senornya grading kat sini A-90 dulu,lately je jadi A=85 plus kat sini dolu2 A,B,C,D,F skang je baru jadi A,A-,B+,B,B-,time aku dah setel banyak subjek.isk)

int: ok we going to the next phase of the interview. I shall test you critical thinking.
aku: ok
int : ok.tell me about National Park.
aku : bla-bla located at Pahang. bla bla
int: what is advantages and disadvantages of National Park?
aku:hmm wildlife preservation,green plant,etc,etc, kesan rumah kaca (tah apa term dia aku cakap tadi,abis interview terus lupa )

int: what is the advantages?
aku : (repeat+new mumbling points) etc etc.
int: what is the disadvantages?
aku : isk. bla bla bla

int: we come to the next phase. What question you wanna ask from us?
aku :is there any screening test after this ? bla bla , you calling from where? Damansara bla bla bla

int: ok, we gonna give the answer of the interview next week either by email or handphone.Bye
aku: bye.

petang tu pulak ada pekas test II advance telecom.
macam mana la aku boleh decide tarikh interview harini ? terganggu produktiviti peksa aku

isk. :p


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