De Gombak Code

I was jump into mydebian discussion group when one academician from Washington Univ. asking about Jawi fonts. Thanks to mynullvoid for his help to him.

I am really interested with the Prof Emeritus Nicholas Heer's specialization-on Nusantara "kitab kuning" and Islamic traditionalists. Quoting his words,


Personally I don't find the Salafis very interesting since they
are opposed to kalam, falsafah, and tasawwuf. They consider them bida`
and they are certainly correct since those schools of thought developed
only after the period of the Prophet and his companions. But those
schools are what I find most interesting in Islam. On the other hand the
Salafis get a lot of financial support from countries like Saudi Arabia
and they are certainly very popular politically since they are willing to
resist Israeli and US aggression against Muslims.


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