Was I destined to Bangalore?

I just sent my IELTS result and USM online offer letter to HR office(called MSD). During meeting with colleagues, they make my eyes point to these verses

"As for your pursuit for Ph.D in future, the Committee suggested on the possibility of you seeking admission into universities in India"

And I am imagine for Banglore, IITA

My bosses mentioned this university so many times. It might be true in the future. Hardly to imagine how to get myself used to the situation there.

Anyway, get your MCS done first. Long way to go.


Abah said…
OK apa gi bangalore..heheh
nanti gi mumbai jumpa ashwaiya rai :P
Mohd Jeffry said…
kirim salam bollywood kat pretty zinta..
mnajem said…
kalau pergi pun lambat lagi.
universiti di India tough. have to be very competence
Anonymous said…
nak kira tough semua tough. I've been awarded a scholarship for Ph.D degree in USA University, cukup tough entry requirement pun tough, coursework ...qualifying exam bla bla and lastly thesis/dissertation

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