Be a Journalist without reasons

Well, I guess I did blogging for quite sometime. The topics ranged from various categorizations; technical, religious, personal rumbles, animes and things that I want to write on. For writings such as this, I managed to get more comments. It means somehow non technical writings will lure more people to join in and share their thoughts on my writings.

I was once have an ambition (and really ambitious) to be a noble and respected writers. However it might be because I got my Bahasa Malaysia with A2 in SPM, I managed to realized that my writings were not good enough.

Few things I guess to be emphasized on good writings. I bet these will be also effective on writing thesis or academic writings:

-write something that can be understood by non-technical readers
-do more illustration or diagrams. Diagrams are also art of creating summary.

Well, I'm a bit tired after driving for almost 2 and half hour from my hometown to here in Kota Damansara. Have a pleasant read. Till we meet again ! :p


lotso said…
Dude.. I'm in Puteri Subang, near guthrie.

maybe can go KFC/Pizza Hut/McD one of these days..
Anonymous said…
salam alaikum
i found that your blog is very interesting
just got myself book entitled 'the ideal muslimah' that you actually 'advertised' in your blog...
i love to read other's blogs, but i dont have my own blog
i'm not a good writer anyway...
i previously posted a comment before this... on your post on 'to get extra money'.. atau seumpama dengannya...
having bhs malaysia a2 is good enough... compared to mine... but, dont worry, everybody can write anything, or as good as a samad said, but it depends on the reader...
please allow me to comment in your future posts...
hussein said…
You need more kittens.

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