Minor change

I decided to change the theme from "bertatih mencari makna" to "life of a single computer science dude wannabe" because it seems kinda motivation to me. Secondly it just that I want to do "rebranding" since Bank Islam did it and I don't like the new BIMB image for whatever justification that they tell the whole media. I, the loyal BIMB credit card and al-Wadiah savings account usage felt kinda distracted with the BIMB new image.

Perhaps I just want to see the progress of the juniors of my school where I served for:

ACM-ICPC Regional at Beijing: not a winner

MMU Programming competition: 1st place
UTP programming competition:not a winner

MMU Programming competition:not a winner
UNITEN programming competition: 1st place
UiTM programming competition: not a winner

I guess being consistent is pretty hard. What's next?

Any C++ instructor willing to take challenge for freelance trainer, and yet to ensure these guys gonna win the eternal Hall of Fame?



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