Tech Ed: Faculty Summit 2007

So I did missed few slots, one of the reason is just that I was misunderstood along with some other lecturer regarding the entrance to one of the workshop. We thought that we can't enter the room given we were late(well,pasca lunch and Zuhr prayer... of course some of you need to go to toilet for some real reason). The next day I found out the slot didn't really fully occupied since the attendees do their own exhibit walk at the exhibition hall. Well, as expected, managed to get few free goodies. And since I did came sponsored, free lunch was served.

Only two slots that I found interesting: Controlling robot using mobile device and Windows Academic Program. It just that I managed to know some updates by Microsoft to let their part closer to the academia world. Of course with some license restrictions it was kinda let the researcher felt "disrupted". But since I'm putting myself on learning the technologies, I just let myself not neutral. (hmm).

One of the speaker who came from Redmond told the audience he took 27 hours with 3 flights to come to KL. Well, last time I heard flight direct from LAX(Los Angeles) to KL(or vice versa) took 20 hours.


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