As Time Goes By....

Hi Najmi,

The best way to figure out if I'd like to have you as a PhD student, and if you'd like to have me as your advisor, would be to meet and talk. We can do that once you start USC in Fall. I looked over your CV and papers you sent. This is nice work for BSc degree. What you want to do during your MS and PhD is to expand on the research part. Best way to do this, and also to improve writing style and language, is to read a lot of research papers so that would be my first suggestion. Look at top security conferences such as USENIX, CCS or security papers at networking conferences SIGCOMM, Infocom, NDSS and NSDI.

The length of the study depends on both your topic and your work. You usually are ready to graduate once you had 3-5 papers from your topic published at good conferences. Publishing takes time and that's the major source that defines when one can graduate. That, and finishing the work on the topic - but since you need to finish the work anyways to get publications I'd look at publications as the main factor defining when you're ready. Usual duration of PhD is 5-7 years.

Prof "X".
USC Information Sciences Institute
4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 1001
Marina del Rey, CA 90292


Joey aka Rizal said…
Wow, tinggi requirement tu. 3-5 papers is a lot of work. If you want to graduate in 3 years, you have to produce at least 1 paper a year, if not more. Sometimes, kementerian tak faham this part lah kan. They think there is a definite finish time. Dorang ingat mcm buat degree jer...
mnajem said…
haritu borak2 ngan prof fariz (ex Rice Univ) dia kata kalo 4 years KPT kasi lagi.

tanya sorang lect kat UTM dia buat kat Buffalo 6 years, dia sara diri guna TA/RA if not mistaken. huhu.

but ye lah bila dah balik m'sia jadi junior pada staf lain yg buat 3 tahun...

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