Louisiana @ Lafayette!

Mr/Ms Najmi,

Your qualifications appear to be good, and we will be pleased to
consider your application. If you will give your mailing address, I
will ask our office to send you our application packet, with all forms
and requirements of our programs. You may wish to visit our web site at
http://www.cacs.louisiana.edu/ and that of the Graduate School
http://www.louisiana.edu/Academic/GradSchool/ . Fee schedules will be
at http://bursar.louisiana.edu/ . You may also apply online.

Deadlines for application are 1 November for Spring, and 1 April for
Fall, if you wish to be considered for assistantship.

CACS and the Graduate School require a BS degree with GPA >= 2.75, or
First Class honors from universities using that system. We require the
GRE, General Test, with GRE-V >= 380, Q >= 600, and TOEFL >= 80(new online).


tapi baru ni masa Gustav alert tu dengornya area selatan2 ni la yang kelam kabut kena. Ish ish... sukarnya!


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