Things that you regret in the past...

Allah, if I remember correctly dislike us given we use the word "if", such a way you use it this way..

"If only I did that before ..." when it happens that something negative had happened because you chose action B, instead of Action A.

The word "fate", though exist in dictionary, hardly to be accepted in term of reality. Meaning to say, sometimes even we plan so hard, so detail, things may gotten screwed up for reasons.

I have something which I regret not doing it, either because of my maturity level that time or because of the chance of getting it done.

-When my late father passed away in 1993, I just a week enrolled in my secondary school back in Kajang. What was happened during that time I got a week break because of CNY, and my grandma(now she cannot even move) told that my father just pass away due to kidney failure

-When my late brother, who was 29 at that time back in 1996, passed away. I do not really have chance to spend time with him, since I am in boarding school. I still remember met him in Ampang Putri, while his head was bald as the result of chemotherapy. Even during the 'Eid before that, he seems so cheerful, holding his small kids. Now both his kids already grown up, one of them schooling in Alam Shah.

-There's also some other thing that I think of regret for not doing it, such as for not enrolled in Science Stream, otherwise my life path will be different(or it may be worse!?). Well, things must be improved.


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