salam blog,
i got my Gentoo running with full of whistles and bells-if that what really want to call it.

najmi@almuqaddis ~/mp3 $ df -kh
Sistem fail Saiz Diguna Ada Guna% Dilekapkan pada
/dev/hda6 6.1G 5.1G 1.1G 84% /
/dev/hda7 808M 387M 422M 48% /home
none 251M 0 251M 0% /dev/shm
/dev/hda5 3.5G 1.4G 2.1G 40% /mnt/floppy

You really want to learn KDE l10n, get thru this first. :-]

history |grep cvs
47 cvs co -rKDE_3_2_0_RELEASE: 1.1 kde-i18n/ms -d kde32
49 cvs co -rKDE_3_2_0_RELEASE: 1.1 kde-i18n/ms -d kde32
50 cvs co -rKDE_3_2_0_RELEASE kde-i18n/ms -d kde32
51 cvs co -rKDE_3_2_0_RELEASE kde-i18n/ms
53 cvs -d kdems32 co -rKDE_3_2_0_RELEASE kde-i18n/ms
54 man cvs
58 cvs-rKDE_3_2_0_RELEASE kde-i18n/ms
59 cvs -rKDE_3_2_0_RELEASE kde-i18n/ms
60 cvs co -rKDE_3_2_0_RELEASE kde-i18n/ms
71 cvs co -r KDE_3_3_0_RELEASE kde-i18n/ms
73 cvs co -r KDE_3_3_0_RELEASE kde-i18n/ms
128 export
129 cvs co kde-i18n/templates
135 cvs co kde-i18n/templates
146 cvs co kde-i18n/templates
154 cvs co kde-i18n/templates
164 echo "export" >> .bashrc
166 cvs co kde-i18n/ms
168 cvs log kde-i18n
169 cvs log kde-i18n |less

well for the first few lines on those logs,it won't work that way. I tried to create a local directory with cvs command . Seems no luck.

Shame to me.hehe.

stayed in office till nite after Maghrib in Mosque (first time working that late,here). Next week I gonna have training for 9 persons. Have to look at a few A+ syllabi on hardware thingy....


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