FOSS: Academician's Role

Currently I am preparing my pre-research proposal-on Distributed Computing. Just wondering in my 26 years old and dealing with people ages far with me, sometimes I got a thought whether should academician start his/her this young? But looking there are ppl around me who start his Phd at my age, I believe it doesn't matter.

I dropped to my youngest bro's blog who's currently doing BioCell/Tech-donno which one since his blog didn't really tell what exactly he's doing. Seems the nature of research in Purdue really makes him enjoy the world of academics. Hehe. But he enjoys play soccer. Good for him.

Back to FOSS. I'm thinking how to integrate FOSS OS(which perhaps i try to relate ut with Gentoo since I like it because some reasons) with my research.
Previously I met Maho who into FreeBSD so much for his area(chemistry if not mistaken).
And that leads him to ports committer. (Wondering whether I also qualify for soon huhu).
To make my research is not syok sendiri,how to make it beneficial to people. I can do research that only give small portion of benefit to people, but why?

Nvm. since this is my blog,i just want to put my thought here. Currently googling for bioinformatics' PDF and distributed computing's PDF. Lotsof reading need to be done. Huhu.


Mohd Jeffry said…
what is "ut" in your contex? the only ut I know is Unreal Tournament
Anonymous said…
from afandi at afandiBlog

I agreed with u opinion that shuolud start undertake a PhD degree masa masih muda

I pun dah lanjut kerana kerja and kerja baru nak start buat Ph.D at almost 40. baru nak berjinak dengan LINUX

mnajem said…
jeffry:actually i want to write "with" but the typos make it "ut"

afandi:thanks. camne leh dropped into my blog,since i am not familiar with your blog. lotsof things hoped to be learn from you.

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