Bukit Jambul

I am in the process of making myself used to the environment here. Well, living in Penang in a way costs slightly cheaper compared to KL. Foods for example. I stay in hostel and I tell you what: Nasi Goreng Ayam cost me around RM2.50. Cheap. Hehe. But since I stay in the hostel, I just wondering whether I can enjoy any wifi hotspot or etc.

Well, class will start next week. So I have to note which subjects which are not in my area are worth to choose for. Maintaining excellent CGPA is one thing, graduate within 12 months is another consideration. So I've to plan carefully. Hopefully Allah will guide me with the best choice.

Enjoying Penangfon Broadband


fuza said…
haaa...tgk! kan best dok hostel..makan murah. hai..makin berisi le nnt.

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