After a long ride...

After almost 5 hours driving alone on my 1.3gl satria will all my boxes and bag-I arrived at Penang Island. Driving alone was boring,since car stereo signal was not that strong, no friend to chat, and I did take a nap for a while twice. Hehe. Sleepy in a sense that I have to be steady on my journey.

At last I am here. From my friend's kondo in Bukit Jambul, I can see bird's eye view from level 9 here. Got to register myself at 2pm.

Well, I'll spend my 12 months here,hopefully fruitful resulst and excel will be with me.


SysAdmin said…
Arghhh, tidak..... Mamat nie akan bermukim di Penang - jadi geng obiwan ler pasnie. Sapa nak organize Makan-makan KDE pasnie??? Sapa nak join My-Debian meetup pasnie??? Sapa nak ajar aku buat translation pasnie???
mnajem said…
setahun je insya Allah. sharuzzaman ade. obiwan amik research,aku amik mixed mode :-)

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