Last nite I recorded an audio stream which using my internal stereo mixer by using Audacity.
The learning curve is low, so basically I just have to get used with the simple GUI within minutes.

Recording is a thing, then I've to encode by using LAME. It was not embedded in the Audacity by default. Lame does provide options to convert into Mp3,Ogg or Flac format.


Cris said…
I found recently that, while the installation of Audacity and LAME is not difficult for me, it is difficult for some tech-challenged users I have been helping. I created a one-step installer that installs Audacity, copies the lame encoder and inserts the registry key so Audacity knows the location of the LAME codec. I thought others might be interested in this installer, so I wrote a step-by-step tutorial here:

I suspect this installer app is not distributable due to patents protecting the mp3 format, but when you're installing on multiple computers or getting a tech-challenged person interested in Audacity, every confusing step eliminated makes it that much easier.
mnajem said…
thanks cris.

how do you get to my blog,just want to know :)

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