Pantun is considered as a rhythmic words that works like English Poem. I believe I want to see more words playing art for instance Haiku [Japan].

Pantun being used to convey messages in satirical way. These messages can be friendship, love, patriotic and others. For you (the non Malaysian reader) information, there are also competitions held to evaluate the competencies of the participants.

Pantun can be written as follows:

anak buluh betung menunggu
tunggu bunian balik ke taman
kalau sengaja menahan rindu
nasik sejemput tak lalu makan

The first two rows (bolded) is "pembayang" which usually derived from unrelated sentence which have similar ending with another two rows.

Here, we can see the words "menunggu" at 1st rows has the same end character which is "u" with the 3rd rows "rindu" . Same goes with 2nd row, "taman" has "n" as the end character with the 4th row, "makan"

The length of rows can be at the 2 power of n, i.e 4,6,10 .. . Usually mostly used pantun is 4 rows pantun.

Selamat berpantun!



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