It is so easy
to be politically correct
and adored.

It is so easy
to say the right things
so no one gets bored.

But the mind plays tricks
when it comes to
passion and lust.

The mind plays tricks
when greed and avarice
overcomes trust.

We cannot be
completely honest
for it is not a must.

What we must do
is be honest with ourselves
for who else can we trust?

Multitasking is required
in our hectic lives.

Separating work from home
like worker bees in hives.

When we separate
good from bad, exchange
morality for sad.

We are but a sham,
a hapless ham,
and have been had.

Might as well admit,
what no oath will get.
We are a hypocrite.

taken from here


lujie said…
We are a hypocrite?
Maybe I don't think so.
~~welcome to my blog~~

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