Nak ambik GRE kot

Thinking of registering GRE exam.. since applying to US/CA/SING (hmm) means they need this exam to check your sanity level.

Ask Prometric for the exam fees.. around USD170 and have to pay by US Dollar . The exam will be held every Thursday, and if you want to retake the buffer is one month. (why?).

Some US univ just fine with IELTS.. but most of them need TOEFL.

So far I'm not that satisfied with AU/NZ research groups... I do not know whether this is the best decision.

As if I just forgotten about Plymouth. Not that I do not want to go there, it just simply I just do not know which is the best place to suit me and my wife wannabe later on.

Hopefully can make it, getting my butt outta here for Fall 2009.


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