DIY Meme with Ruby based, CLI Memegen

As in this 2012, we can see a lots of meme scattered on the internet, spoofs of some movies, pictures and others.

Meme's definition can be looked here

I found out meme generator from an internet search, you can download the copy from github:

It works fine with my Linux Mint 12, first you may need to clone the copy to your computer;

git clone

The change directory to memegen;

cd memegen

After that you may need to satisfy the dependencies - check the Readme. Most likely you need to install some ruby based library. ImageMagick package is a must.

How it works? Well, you can execute from memegen/bin/memegen --help to see the flag.

If you find (of course you will) typing the path considered difficult, simply use PATH exports:

export PATH=$PATH:/$HOME/memegen/bin

-change accordingly.

Samples of outputs:

It has templates in memegenerator. But if you want to use your own pictures.

mkdir $HOME/.memegen

Put your file in $HOME/.memegen

najmi@vostro-mint:~/memegen$ ls ~/.memegen/
angrybird.jpg  aufa-code.jpg  unifi.jpg
najmi@vostro-mint:~/memegen$ memegen unifi "with unifi" "no more complaints on capped bandwidth"
najmi@vostro-mint:~/memegen$ memegen angrybird "mum is not here" "you can play angrybird dad"
najmi@vostro-mint:~/memegen$ memegen aufa-code "python is cool" "lemme do import antigravity"

So basically check your /tmp

Have Fun!!


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